How to make manicure with caviar beads and usual varnish

How to make manicure with caviar beads and usual varnish

Caviar beads are more often used in modern neyl-art. These are small balls with a diameter of 1-4 mm. They have won popularity thanks to big variety of colors and usability. The design of nails with caviar beads can be made not only in salon, but also independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • means for nail care (for processing of cuticle, degreasing of nail , etc.);
  • basic varnish;
  • color varnish;
  • caviar beads;
  • transparent varnish-fixer.


1. Manicure with glass balls looks brightly and stylish. These elements of design have also other advantages: the low cost, possibility of use for the natural and increased nails, creation of any drawings. But before gluing caviar beads, it is necessary to prepare nails is the first stage of manicure.

2. In the beginning place nails in special bath for 15 minutes, then process and delete cuticle. The nail is accurately ground, filed, remove all roughnesses and degreased.

3. When nails are prepared, apply colourless varnish basis in the beginning, and then color: the first layer has to dry completely, only after that paint with the second. It will allow caviar beads to keep on nails. Balls put in certain order that the drawing has turned out. If it is necessary to place them chaotically, the nail is placed in jar with caviar beads, and in 3-5 minutes accurately pressed on the pasted balls.

4. When the second layer varnish has a little dried up, put the last layer with transparent varnish. Here it is important to remember two moments. First, means has to be absolutely colourless, otherwise on caviar beads there can be yellowish shade which will spoil all manicure. Secondly, nails need to be painted over well that all balls were in varnish, otherwise they can cling to clothes and to bring discomfort.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team