How to moisturize the skin in the flying

How to moisturize the skin in the flying

Practically any influences of the external environment create additional adverse conditions for face skin and woman's body. The sun causes dryness of skin, wind does it to more rough, differences of temperature condition interfere with the normal course of processes in organism. Various cosmetics restore necessary properties of skin, creating it the most comfortable conditions. However not all means are equally effective and useful to our skin.

It is worth to remember also about care for skin of neck which often gives age of the woman. Therefore any manipulations and cosmetic procedures for care for face skin have to extend to neck and area of decollete as there skin rather gentle and is exposed to fast aging.

Skin of hands requires active care because of continuous interaction with the external environment (water, air, the sun, wind) and also with chemicals which are present at household care products behind purity in the apartment. For example, means for washing of ware promote that skin after interaction becomes drier therefore it is necessary to put moistening cream after the similar procedures or to use the softening means which reduce negative consequences of skin of hands. Besides use of modern means for moistening and nutrition of skin it is necessary to drink daily enough clear water (to two liters a day), to carry out hygienic procedures for skin clarification. It is also necessary to pick up set of cosmetics and medicines which promote restoration food, to elimination of feeling of constant dryness and unpleasant tightness of skin by means of the experienced expert.

Decorative cosmetics has to be selected surely taking into account features and type of skin of the woman, that is the same cream is not suitable for women with dry and oily skin. In summertime it is very important to use protective equipment from the sun which interfere with penetration of ultraviolet rays and also to systematically moisturize the skin special means. During the winter period it is very important to protect face skin from low temperatures which can cause dryness and peeling of skin. Any moistening and protective cream it is necessary to use in 30-40 minutes before exit to the street, otherwise skin the moisturized skin under low temperature impact receives harm. It is necessary to remember that not only the face and body, but also lips which are also exposed to environmental impact needs moistening. Skin of lips is so gentle and vulnerable that any mechanical damage causes bleeding and violation of integrity. Many women constantly test dryness of lips though they periodically use the moisturizing hygienic lipsticks which nourish skin of lips and eliminate roughness. Modern decorative lipsticks are also made on the basis of the moisturizing substances which at the same time nourish skin and give certain shade.

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