How to put highlighter

How to put highlighter

By means of highlighter it is possible to give to the face fresh, well rested look. In order that the make-up looked naturally, it is necessary to put product competently and very accurately. Owners of irregular shape of the person can try non-standard schemes of drawing highlighter on skin.

For what the highlighter is necessary

Highlighter - cosmetic product which contains reflective particles. By means of it it is possible to change the person, to give it fresh look, to visually rejuvenate it. After drawing highlighter on certain sites of the person the woman looks more effectively.

The secret of this product is that its most fine particles reflect light thanks to what some parts of the face get the additional volume and natural gloss which is characteristic of healthy skin.

Highlighters release in the form of friable or compact powder and also in the form of liquid means or firm stik. Each woman can choose for herself that type of cosmetic product which suits her most of all. Products in the form of powder are considered as the most universal.

How to put highlighter

It is necessary to remember that the highlighter needs to be put over make-up. When using foundation it is possible to give preference to liquid product with reflective particles. Highlighters in the form of powder need to be put over liquid foundation or other tinting means. The product having consistence of solid wax needs to be applied only to "naked" skin. It is necessary to emphasize with highlighter only separate parts of the face. It is impossible to apply it on all its surface. Owners of well proportioned face can be guided by the standard scheme of application of highlighter. Means needs to be applied on the central part of forehead, on the acting parts of cheekbones, on the middle of nose, chin and also on lower eyelids, in corners of eyes and over lip. Following this scheme of drawing product with reflective particles it is possible to give to the face fresh look, to allocate its separate parts and also to make the person more volume. If the face has irregular shape, then it is necessary to put highlighter more selectively. For example, at make-up of the person of round shape it is necessary to pay special attention to cheekbones. Means with reflective particles needs to be applied on their upper part. It is also necessary to work carefully area under eyes. Owners of triangular shape of the person do not need to apply this cosmetic product on the central part of forehead. The highlighter should not be noticeable on skin. People around have to see only effect of its application. For this purpose it is necessary to shade carefully means if it has liquid or gel consistence. It is better to put powdery highlighter with rigid brush, but not sponge.

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