How to receive skin color

How to receive skin color

Glancing over glossy magazines, just you are surprised to what ideally smooth faces at models with great skin color. But behind this seeming youth, freshness work of the professional makeup artist, stylist and designer is. On what only tricks go masters to hide circles under eyes, unnatural pallor and different defects of skin. Let's open to you some of these secrets which will help you to zatonirovat skin correctly.

It is required to you

  • Tone means
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Cream sponges
  • Brushes and sponges for powder and blush
  • Pencil proofreader for masking of defects


1. At first it is necessary to pick up cosmetics for make-up. Do not take them at random, without test. Samplers are available in any shop trading in professional tools for make-up. Foundation is applied on nose, chin and shaded. Then the received shade is compared to skin shade in the field of decollete and neck. If skin has the pink small knots translucent vessels because of which the face becomes reddish then foundation or powder of pink shade are contraindicated. In this case cream of bronze tone with subtle olive shade will hide the majority of shortcomings. Powder has to be picked up in tone to tone means.

2. Blush helps to make the person brighter, to modify, recover it and to give fresh look. Blush of the muffled dark beige shade will be necessary for correction, for giving to the person of freshness use pink and peach blush, for creation of effect of suntan – terracottas or bronze. For giving of shine have brilliant powder which several strokes will help to give to skin shine of stars in stock and will make it smooth.

3. Algorithm of creation of tone of skin following: - Masking. Circles under eyes remove the proofreader. He not only neutralizes blue color, having made skin light, but also looks after gentle eyelid skin. It is applied not only on eyelids, but also on area between eye and nose bridge. Then the thin layer of foundation with the subsequent lightening by the proofreader of nasolabial folds follows. All this is slightly powdered. - Modeling of the person. By means of dark opaque blush if necessary emphasize cheekbones that will narrow face, nose wings to make it graceful. Such blush shade chin and all those zones which want to be hidden. Light powder is applied on zones which want to be allocated. - Finishing strokes. In the conclusion it is necessary to refresh the person with peach blush. Carry out by brush on cheek (far away from nose), on forehead and chin. And cover with any blush or powder which give color of suntan face at the latest moment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team