How to remove fat at the man

How to remove fat at the man

The man wishing to lose weight needs only persistence and commitment.

It is required to you

  • - Desire
  • - Persistence


  1. Men in difference from women gain weight a little differently. Usually it occurs as "sphere" - only the stomach gets fat. Similar obesity is fraught with metabolic disorder, heart diseases and mass of other problems. But there is good news to male - usually they grow thin much quicker than women. It is promoted by two things: the muscle bulk which number is much more, than at great ladies, and the high content of testosterone. Usually excess men's weight - only the investigation of the wrong way of life, but there are also genetic reasons. Having corrected the wrong way of life, men quickly, on envy of girls, come to form. If decisive factor - genetic, it is necessary "to tighten more strong belts", but everything is possible.
  2. If you do not wish to reverse to the habits, it is necessary "to neutralize" them in some way. Not the refusal of food, but transition to easier versions of delicacies will be the first step. Having refused preparation of the same products on fire and transition to the double boiler considerably will improve your forms. Replace white loaf with grain rough grinding, it will render the absorbing effect. Instead of beer or vodka which is excessively caloric it is possible to use dry red wine "in an esthetic way". Or there are favourite high-calorie dishes, but it is obligatory with large number of vegetables and fruit. Reduce portions - the stretched stomach gradually will recover and will getting hungry much less.
  3. The following step - sports loadings. The main mistake would be to move in bodybuilders. Such option approaches, only if you want to build huge muscles. Otherwise, aerobic loadings will approach. For example run or the exercise bike, and in the flying - the bicycle. It is necessary to move to fulfill all superfluous that you have ever eaten. Here the simple ratio of "debit and the credit" in calories works. Besides, your endurance will increase, and health will improve. Perhaps, you will like the idea with the pool more. Swimming perfectly is suitable for weight loss, but only in case in water you behave actively. The main thing in occupations frequency and constancy at which it is necessary to receive result.
  4. If your relatives are inclined to completeness, the campaign to the nutritionist will be useful. Popular belief that if the family full, then with excess weight it is impossible to make anything any more. Usually it not so. Not only genes are transferred in family, but also eating habits: much richer table, super-high-calorie products, unreasonable food pursues people with excessive weight practically since the childhood. Universal council - create the diary of food where you will write down everything that you have eaten in day. And you, certainly, are surprised when you analyze quantity of eaten. And after understanding to symmetry no distance.

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