How to remove house scale

How to remove house scale

The scale is formed even at regular and careful oral cavity care. Color of deposits on teeth is various, but has pronounced coloring at fans of coffee and nicotine. But only here the scale shade does not influence way of its elimination in any way unless it is worth paying attention to condition of enamel. If sensitive, the stone before complete recovery of their health is better not to delete teeth, otherwise it is only possible to do much harm.



 The scale is adjournment which is formed of the remains of food and elements of saliva. Its danger is quite high as under stone the microorganisms capable to cause inflammations of gums and caries of teeth breed. Any qualified specialist in the field of stomatology will tell you that in house conditions to be engaged in removal of scale it is impossible, it is necessary to carry out this procedure at the experienced dentist in order to avoid new additional problems with health. 

  1. You can use electric brush with rigid bristle, can experiment with the bleaching pastes, or rinse mouth baking soda, but in such cases fully remove scale not it will turn out, you only do much harm to teeth that will lead to gingivit.
  2. Gingivit - it is inflammation of gums without violation of integrity of dentogingival connection. In the absence of treatment gingivit often progresses in destructive form of infectious diseases of gums, the raid will fall below, parodontalny pockets will begin to be formed (the space which has appeared as a result of development parodontitaparodontalny pocket appears in junction of teeth with gum because of inflammatory processes in mouth.


Whether it is possible to get rid of parodontalny pocket and how to prevent development of periodontosis?

Periodontosis is inflammation of the parodont, i.e. the defeat of tissue of gums having infectious origin and development of bacteria. Often arises because of non-compliance with rules of hygiene of oral cavity. The main enemy of gums – raid, it can be soft and firm (scale).

  1. The medicine defines two types of periodontosis: generalized and localized. In the first case the inflammation covers all gum, in the second – its certain sites. The initial stage proceeds almost asymptomatically, signs are shown not at once. Let's consider stages of development of periodontosis: 1. hypersensibility of neck zubov2. formation of dentogingival pockets in which pus collects
  2. atrophy of bone tissue, teeth begin to be unsteady and their risk poteri4 increases. loss of teeth and zagnoyeniye of holes
  3. Whatever was the basic reason, development of disease accelerates in the absence of normal hygiene of mouth. Gums at constant inflammation become friable that leads to destructive process.


How diagnosis of periodontosis is carried out?

For definition of disease you need the good expert who will carry out diagnostics of oral cavity and teeth. It is possible to get rid of periodontosis, but already by removal of teeth and implantation. Therefore do not risk and in time address the stomatologist, do not self-medicate.

The dental clinic solves any problems with teeth: from the wrong bite and diseases of gums, before development of modern artificial limbs and implantation.

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