How to take away the coarsened skin from heels

How to take away the coarsened skin from heels

Because of the shortage of vitamins skin quickly loses moisture, is shelled and bursts. Feet become rough and ugly that confuses many beauties. How to remove the keratosic skin cells and to return smooth, how at the baby, leg?

Before starting actions, it is necessary to establish the cause of peeling and painful cracks on heels. The major factors influencing condition of skin, it:

  • If you walk the whole day, skin of feet does not receive air, dries and loses elasticity;
  • Having picked up too close shoes on high heel in hope to stretch them, - you subject feet to unjustified pressure and can not only rub callosities, but also provoke fungal diseases;
  • Violation or decrease in work of endocrine system. With age, recovery processes in organism decrease that first of all affects face skin and legs;
  • It is known that big weight pulls down, creating loading when walking;
  • Irrational food and lack of vitamins A, E, C;
  • Diseases of kidneys;
  • Non-compliance with hygiene.

At the started stages of dermatitis and deep cracks causing painful feelings the consultation of the dermatologist is required. Care of feet consists not only in use of creams and the softening ointments. To remove the upper, coarsened epidermis layer, it is necessary to do baths and to soften skin. Only after steaming it is possible to use pumice. Shops sell special bathtubs with hydromassage, but it is possible to manage also simple basin. Add sea salt and mixes of field herbs to water. Sometimes dissolve starch. If not to look after skin of legs, besides cracks, callosities and natoptyshy, on skin ulcers can be formed, and in extreme cases nail plates are deformed. Cracks, dryness and yellowish color of nails standing – the first symptom of fungal infection. To avoid serious problems, you watch yourself.

Recipes for softening

  • Pour 1 l of water in basin, add soda teaspoon. Take legs in solution within 15 minutes, water will not cool down yet, let's legs dry. Soda can be mixed with soap. Rub teaspoon of soap shaving, mix with soda and small amount of water in separate capacity. The received gruel is put to skin and turned in cellophane package for 20 minutes. Soda can be replaced with sea salt. Use nail file, the moisturizing cream;
  • 1 l of water steam 1 tablespoon of field herbs – camomiles, melissa or sage. Boil collecting 5 minutes, add to bath. After the procedure put srub and oil feet of olive. For srub scroll 1 average lemon via the meat grinder, mix 50 g of sugar, 1 drop of aloe or essential oil. The srub is held by 15 minutes;
  • To cure cracks, apply to struck speed up skin olive oil or replace it peach, almond, sea-buckthorn. It is necessary to rub before full absorption. Almond oil also strengthens eyelashes, increases elasticity of the drooped sites of skin, feeds hair;
  • Cut lemon on equal segments and tie before going to bed to feet by means of gauze. Remove lotion in the morning. By the same method bind onions pieces. Easier way – moisten cotton tampon in apple cider vinegar, smear the coarsened sites, in the morning wash away and process cream;
  • Foot masks from berries and vegetables have effective effect. Grate pulp of vegetable marrow, mix with sour cream. The received mix will render the refreshing, anti-inflammatory effect, will help to get rid of the coarsened cages;
  • Gruel of izyagodmalina, strawberry or currant will make the Piglet soft and silky;
  • Honey with addition of vegetable oil will soften and will nourish skin with vitamins.

If there is no wish to potter with recipes, in drugstore there is extensive list of supportive applications: Gevol, "Doctor", "Calendula", Fleksitol.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team