How to twist hair the iron

How to twist hair the iron

Curling irons gradually pass into the background. They are forced out by irons which range of opportunities on condition of high quality this adaptation is rather wide. The iron it is possible how to straighten disobedient locks, to polish hair, to add them gloss, and to wind curls, to do wavy hair in the following way.

It is required to you

  • The iron, shampoo, hair conditioner, hairbrush with frequent teeth, hairpins holders, means for thermohair dressing, hairspray.


  1. Wash out hair with the shampoo suitable you as hair. Apply on them the conditioner, rub it in roots, carefully wash away from the head. Dry up hair phenom with warm air (we do not heat).
  2. Apply means for thermohair dressing on dry hair, paying special attention to tips. Warm well the iron as its small temperature is applied to hair straightening. You need to wind curls the iron.
  3. Fix the most part of hair on the head by hairpins holders that locks did not disturb you. Leave locks for hair free which you will wind first of all.
  4. Comb one lock hairbrush with frequent teeth, clamp the iron at the roots and you slide it down hair, at the same time holding tip of lock and winding it on the iron. For a long time in the course of sliding do not linger on hair that broken lines on curl were not created. Try not to squeeze too strongly clip of the iron that its movement on lock was smooth. Than more largely you will take lock for wave, especially wave on it will be large.
  5. At you the curl or wavy lock has turned out. Put it aside and continue to wind in the same way the following locks of hair. When you have ready several lower curls – sprinkle them hairspray and continue turning of other locks, do not wind all head hair yet.
  6. The last wind hair which are at the person. The wound locks can be sorted on smaller curls, but it is not necessary to comb hair. Lay them in hairstyle hands and varnish them for fixing of curls and the hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team