How to twist the iron

How to twist the iron

The girls possessing straight and long hair often aim to change the shape by means of wave. That hair fell down beautiful waves on shoulders, it is optional to go to beauty shop or to subject them to influence by chemicals. It is possible to make wave and in house conditions by means of the iron.


  1. Try to plan hairdressing the iron some days before the procedure to manage to prepare hair. As preliminary stage every time after washing of the head use the conditioner that will allow afterwards not only to accelerate process of wave, but also to reduce risk to overdry or injure hair.
  2. Just before the beginning of wave the iron wash up hair shampoo and carefully rinse them several times with water. Do not use balm or masks for hair.
  3. Surely dry up hair. Never begin to twist hair the iron if they still damp. It can destroy structure of hair, the moisture which has remained on them under the influence of heating evaporates. And it can burn head skin and is strong do much harm to hair.
  4. Choose temperature condition at which the iron will work. It is the best of all to stop on the lowest temperature at which the lock of hair will be able to be twisted in curl. Wave time at such mode, of course, will increase, but hair at the same time will keep healthy look and gloss.
  5. Carefully comb hair and divide them into equal locks by means of thin hairbrush. Consider that the lock is thicker, the more time will be required to clamp it for twisting in the iron. Easier and quicker to cope with thin lock. Besides, curls turn out more small and keep longer.
  6. Process whenever possible each lock the thermoprotectant. It is so possible not only protect hair from action of very high temperature, but also to considerably accelerate process of wave.
  7. Clamp the separated lock of hair in the iron and twirl it around nozzle, and begin the procedure with roots of hair, but not with their tips.
  8. After fixing of lock in the iron begin to watch time. Heating of hair should not last more than eight seconds though some producers specify in technical data sheet the maximum time in ten seconds. Sometimes for well result it is not enough, however you should not increase hair fixation time in the iron more than established. In such situation best of all previously apply thermoprotective substance on lock or take thinner lock.
  9. Do not comb curls at once after twisting of hair at all. As such procedure provides temporary effect, combing will only accelerate their straightening.

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