How to wind hair on long hair curlers

How to wind hair on long hair curlers

Long hair curlers or boomerangs - one of the most sparing and safe ways of creation of elastic curls. Having learned it is correct to use them, you can refuse electronippers and thermohair curlers. The laying created thus keeps very long and does not harm hair.

It is required to you

  • - long hair curlers;
  • - foam for laying;
  • - water;
  • - hair dryer.


  1. Choose hair curlers of the necessary size and diameter. Than they are thinner, that will turn out curls more small. Keep in mind that too thick boomerangs twist hair more difficult, and elastic curls at you it can just not turn out. Even before purchase try to bend stick of hair curlers: it has to hold form and not be unbent. Qualitative boomerangs are made from the foam material similar to rubber, with strong copper wire inside.
  2. Wash up hair, dry up them in the natural way or the hair dryer in the mode of cold air for 70-80% and carefully comb. Hair have to be elastic and slightly damp, so your future laying will be recorded most strongly. Count approximately, thickness what locks to you need to be separated that there was enough available quantity of hair curlers.
  3. Take lock of hair, once again comb it and apply on it foam for laying (quantity of the size of large fasolina). Distribute on all length. Without waiting for drying, begin to wind lock on hair curlers from below up. Cross boomerang tips, having provided strong fixing.
  4. You can wait until the hair wound on long hair curlers dry in the natural way. So you will provide the most sparing wave. It is enough to wait 1-1.5 hours. At the same time it is possible even to take in parallel bath, to make mask or wrapping. If you wound dry hair on boomerangs, wet vapor will only strengthen fixing and effect of foam for laying.
  5. If you have no time, carefully dry up the wound hair the hot hair dryer. To understand whether curls are ready, remove one boomerang and touch hair inside. They have to be completely dry, otherwise in hour the laying will disappear.
  6. Begin to untwist hair curlers from top to down. Do not pull out them from the twirled curl at all. Hair can get confused for edges and remove hair curlers will be very problematic. For stronger fixing sprinkle curls hairspray.
  7. Wash hair curlers with warm water to remove residues of styling foam. Ready curls can be stacked in any hairstyles. As a rule, the hair wound on long hair curlers keep form very long. Pi it gradually they turn from elastic curls into soft magnificent waves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team