Important rules of peeling of body

Important rules of peeling of body

That skin was gentle, well-groomed and healthy, it is necessary to do peeling regularly. The peeling is the process of peeling of already dead cells promoting restoration of upper layer of epidermis. It can be carried out as at home, and to go to salon. In this question everything depends on the budget and desire of the person.

Having decided to make peeling in house conditions, surely apply natural ingredients. The following products will be irreplaceable components for this procedure: sugar, ground coffee, sea salt, oat flakes and so forth.

Binding substance will be perfectly served by milk, honey, olive oil, egg yolk or just usual shower gel. It is clear, that for carrying out mechanical peeling there is no need to be spent strongly, unlike chemical and hardware which are carried out after consultation of the cosmetologist.

Owners of oily and normal skin can do peeling once a week. Owners of dry skin do not need to carry out this procedure more often than 3 times in 2 weeks. Besides, you should not forget that the peeling is carried out only on the steamed-out body skin. For achievement of the best effect it would be good to go for a start to bath or sauna and to be engaged there in clarification of body and also face.

Carrying out the procedure of peeling, it is necessary to consider some cautions. It is worth refraining wisely from this procedure if on skin there are injuries or damages. It can be small heat-spots, papillomas or even varicosity. You should not do srub to the pregnant women and mothers nursing. If you wish to do peeling of all body, then it is necessary to have several mixes for these purposes. In other words, if you have bought means for body, then you should not put it on face and vice versa.

In pursuit of perfection and ideal body it is not necessary to hurry. This process has to proceed slowly and very carefully. It is necessary to massage skin of body and face by means of special gloves within 5 minutes. Do not forget that especially gentle and weak spots you should not rub strongly.

The body will take well-groomed and beautiful form thanks to complex moistening and clarification. It is necessary to use those means which contain huge amount of useful substances. Shea butter which is applied both at the procedure of peeling, and after it for the purpose of skin moistening can brag of great properties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team