Peeling chloride calcium

Peeling chloride calcium

The peeling is procedure by means of which the keratosic skin cells are removed. Thanks to peeling, skin not only is purified, but also is toned up, rejuvenates, gets beautiful shade. There is such procedure of kopek, and its effect is amazing.

It is required to you

  • - 10% chloride calcium solution 1 ampoule
  • - children's soap
  • - cotton pads


1. If the procedure is performed for the first time, then the test for allergy - indispensable condition. For this purpose the means droplet is applied on hand from the back. If reddening of skin or other reactions is not observed, then it is possible to apply means and on the person.

2. Before the procedure the face skin has to be carefully cleaned in the easy habitual ways.

3. Several drops of solution from ampoule are applied on cotton pad and it wipes face. This process needs to be repeated until contents of ampoule do not end. Then to wait until liquid on face dries up.

4. Slightly to soap hands children's soap and to rub face with circular motions. Because of the proceeding chemical reaction under fingers there will be grains peeling dead cages. The face needs to continue to be massaged accurately finger-tips, in need of them it is necessary to moisten once again with water and to soap.

5. Then soapsuds should be washed away carefully water, at the same time to avoid hit of solution in eyes. The procedure can be carried out not more often than two times a month, otherwise there is risk to overdry skin.

6. After peeling it is desirable to apply the prepared in advance moistening nutritious mask to face skin, to take it minutes 10 and to wash away water, without having allowed it to dry.

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