The products promoting rapid growth of hair

The products promoting rapid growth of hair

Any woman at least once in life dreamed of long braid and tried to grow hair. But, alas, this process takes long time, and on it each woman has patience not. However some products contain vitamins and active biosubstances which help to fulfill as much as possible dream and not only to accelerate process of growth of hair, but also to considerably improve their structure.

Products for rapid growth of hair:

Fat fish (herring, sardine, salmon, salmon) – is rich with protein, vitamin D and fat omega-3 acids. These substances improve blood supply of hair follicles, reduce greasiness of head skin and interfere with obstruction of time, revitalizing head skin and promote the accelerated growth of hair. Standard daily rate - 2 tablespoons of cod-liver oil on an empty stomach or 100 g of fish every other day.

Dark meat (beef, mutton, dark fowl, liver) – is rich with iron which deficiency leads to thinning of hair and if to consider monthly blood loss during periods, then women in this plan are most vulnerable. For maintenance of health of hair and head skin, it is necessary to use dark meat 3-4 times a week or to accept the polyvitamins containing iron in the structure.

Eggs (yolk) - are source of the fats which are already mentioned omega-3 and the biotin which is part of one and all dietary supplements for growth of hair. It is necessary to use 1 egg daily. Oysters and mussels – are excessively rich with zinc which deficiency leads to weakening of bulbs and hair loss. 1-2 times a week accept in food 100 g of this seafood or replace with the polyvitamins containing zinc.

Sweet pepper – is rich with vitamin C which strengthens hair trunk, reducing fragility and revitalizes hair follicle. In this vegetable of vitamin C contains more, than in oranges, five times. Sunflower seeds – contain vitamin E which strengthens blood-groove and metabolism in head skin in significant amount, promoting the accelerated growth of hair.

Pumpkin and carrots - contain beta carotene, the predecessor of the vitamin A which is considered as "beauty vitamin" and much revitalizing hair follicles.

Almonds - as well as in eggs contain in it the biotin which is responsible for density and growth rate of hair. You will be able to estimate amazing result in 3-4 weeks if include almonds handful in the daily diet.

Avocado - contains the fatty acids identical to head skin acids in large number. Induces production of elastin and collagen, stimulating growth of hair. It is applied in the form of mask: 1 crushed fruit of avocado mixes up with 2 spoons of sour cream and is maintained on hair of 20 minutes. If desired the mask is done several times a week.

Draw close attention to what you eat. Reconsider the diet, and process of otrashchivaniye of hair will seem you the pleasant and tasty procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team