What exercise stresses are allowed in critical days?

What exercise stresses are allowed in critical days?

Critical days are the special test for the female body. At this time women, as a rule, test weakness and the indisposition. But for those who got used to active lifestyle the periods shouldn't be the reason for refusal of sport. It is important to dose loadings only correctly.

The main task of the woman is motherhood therefore the healthy female body is preparing every month for this event. The ovum ready to form the fruit ripens in the ovary, the uterus is covered by mucous. In case pregnancy doesn't occur, the died ovum with blood is removed. To help blood to leave the organism, the uterus begins to be reduced that leads to emergence of cricks. Therefore, as well as any other damage of bodies, periods is followed by unpleasant symptoms such as pain, weakness, febricula. Often there is migraine, temperature increase and muscle pain can be observed. During this period the immunity of the woman goes down that makes her defenseless against various infections. The physical activity in critical days completely depends on health of the woman. If bleeding plentiful, is present nausea, weakness, severe pains, then it is necessary to observe the bed rest. If the condition of the woman allows, it is possible to play sports, but it is necessary to dose correctly loading since otherwise duration of periods can be essential is increased that is capable to provoke endometriosis.

If you got used to take aerobic types of fitness, for example, dancing classes, shaping, run, it is necessary to lower loads of the third. Monthly significantly reduce endurance and promote increased fatigue. During the occupations drink as much as possible liquid to fill amount of the water lost with blood. Exclude high-intensity loadings, sharp rises in weights, turnovers and jumps. Carry out all movements quietly and smoothly, you allow bigger amount of time for the extension. The clothes for occupations in critical days have to be easier since during this period the sweating amplifies. As means of hygiene use that are most comfortable for you. For example, tampons are much more functional and are imperceptible, but they are capable to make sick and the abdominal pain some women. It is desirable to change tampons and laying each two-three hours.

During periods try to wear cotton shorts slips. Natural fabric will allow to cope easier with the increased sweating, and the closed form of linen will more reliably save from course.

It is absolutely optional to refuse sport in critical days if your health is satisfactory. Competently picked up trainings positively influence the vascular system, stabilize the hormonal background, strengthen pelvic muscles. Over time it will help to normalize the cycle, to make monthly less painful.

If you take dancing classes, lower a little loading. Try to carry out all movements not at full capacity. Avoid sharp twisting and pushes hips, jumps, falling and jolting by the stomach. Also it isn't necessary to carry out movements on the floor since it can provoke inflammation. Supports from the lower position, acrobatic movements with turnovers headfirst too it is necessary to exclude. Strength sports since in the period of periods at the organism the injury risk is increased are strictly forbidden. If not to do without trainings, it is necessary not to increase at least loading, being engaged with the habitual weight. In case ofIn case of the slightest signs of the indisposition it is necessary to stop exercise immediately. Swing the back, the breast and hands, and about legs and the press for a while forget. Besides, in gym it is possible to be engaged in cardioloadings – easy jogging, walking, aerobics. Simple exercises in the technique Pilates, yogas and kalannetik are admissible. It is necessary to warn the coach about the state that he could track the level of your loadings.

In the period of periods it isn't recommended to practice equestrian sports, intensive run, weightlifting, the Irish dances, rope jumping, driving the bicycle.

During critical days, except the first and last day, it isn't necessary to visit the pool. During this period the organism is extremely susceptible to various infections, the chlorinated water also has extremely negative impact. The bath, the sauna and the sunbed since heat strengthens bleeding are strictly forbidden and slows down process of healing of the uterus. For the same reason it isn't desirable to take the hot bath. Exercise stresses in critical days very utomlyayushche affect the organism therefore it is extremely important to eat properly. It is necessary to drink more liquid, water, natural juice, dairy and fruit cocktails will approach, surely eat vegetables and fruit. The organism also needs protein which participates in construction of new cages. Fat fish is useful. It isn't necessary to eat spicy, sharp, salt, coffee, chocolate, coffee and alcohol since they can strengthen bleeding. At plentiful allocations and severe pains take the styptic and anesthetizing drugs. Perfectly also such folk remedy as dandelion infusion helps.

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