How to make sea-buckthorn jam

How to make sea-buckthorn jam

Sea-buckthorn – berry not only beautiful, but also useful. In it very high concentration of minerals and vitamins which promote digestion improvement, increase in elasticity of blood vessels, resistance of an organism to diseases, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, etc.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of berries of a sea-buckthorn;
    • 3 kg sugar;
    • 400 ml (2 glasses) of water.


1. Accurately separate berries from branches, destem, wash a baking plate with flowing water and touch: separate the small, spoiled and immature fruits from bulk. Once again properly wash out berries, then cast away them on a colander no more than for 5-7 minutes that the sea-buckthorn wasn't rumpled and I didn't choke.

2. Then spread a towel on a table and scatter on it sea-buckthorn berries that they finally dried.

3. Take a pan on three liters, pour 2 glasses water into it and bring to the boil. In the boiling liquid slowly fill up gram800 sugar, without ceasing to stir slowly at the same time. You cook a sugar syrup on slow fire of 7 minutes, then add dry berries of a sea-buckthorn, well mix everything and leave on fire for 8 minutes.

4. Further remove jam from fire, let's it cool down completely and remove in a cold spot for 5-5.5 hours that berries started up juice. Later the specified time, merge from berries syrup together with the emitted juice in a small saucepan (it is desirable enameled). Put on slow fire and heat to a boiling point then, without ceasing to stir slowly, add a half a kilogram more of sugar and boil thoroughly 8-10 more minutes. Fill in with hot syrup of berry, mix and put the received mix on slow fire, you cook 12-15 minutes. Then disconnect and set aside aside for 2-2.5 hours.

5. After the put time, put a pan on fire again and bring jam to a boiling point. Lower fire to a minimum and you cook jam to full readiness. As, depending on a grade, berries of a sea-buckthorn happen the different size, it is impossible to define precisely a period of time through which your jam will be ready (on average from 20 to 40 minutes). If berries of a sea-buckthorn were evenly distributed in syrup and became transparent, your jam means it is ready. In case berries already became transparent, and syrup didn't thicken yet (the drop of syrup spreads on a plate), merge it in a separate pan and you cook until ready: the drop of ready syrup shouldn't spread on a plate. Then connect ready syrup to berries.

6. Let's jam cool down and pour it in in advance prepared sterilized dry banks, roll up covers and remove to the warm place for 3-4 hours.

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