The rejuvenating masks from aloe: we smooth wrinkles with safe method

The rejuvenating masks from aloe: we smooth wrinkles with safe method

The aloe (it is called still aloe and aloes) is widely used in cosmetology. This curative plant is applied at care for head of hear, face and body. So, for example, from aloe prepare the rejuvenating masks – the safe and effective cosmetics smoothing wrinkles.

Chemical composition of aloe is rich and diverse: there are vitamins of groups B, A, E, phenols, resinous substances, apple, amber and lemon acids, phenols, aloin, phytoncides, essential oils and other valuable components. That is why this curative plant is used as anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antifungal means. Besides, the aloe perfectly moisturizes the skin, gives it elasticity and elasticity.

Before preparation of the rejuvenating mask from aloe the leaves of aloe need to be prepared. In 20 days prior to cutting of sheet plates the plant ceases to be watered. The cut-off leaves of aloes turn in dense paper (tips leave open) and place for 2 weeks in the fridge: in these conditions the aloe begins to develop biological stimulators actively. Biostimulated juice of aloe is unique the fact that it contains 2-3 times more useful elements, than fresh juice.

Skin for a long time will remain young and beautiful if in the morning and in the evening to wipe it with biostimulated juice of aloe. In this case juice of aloe is used as tonic.

Preparation of the rejuvenating cosmetic requires such set of products: - 1 tablespoons of biostimulated juice of aloe; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 tsps of lanolin or nutritious cream. Components connect and mix, then slightly warm up mix on water bath. Apply the rejuvenating means to the cleaned skin for 10-12 minutes. Wash away mix boiled water of room temperature. Thanks to such procedures the deep wrinkles become hardly noticeable, and small – are smoothed. The mask prepared on the following recipes for which are necessary is useful to the withering skin: - egg yolk; - 1 tablespoons of biostimulirovnany juice of aloe. The yolk which is shaken up before formation of gentle foam is mixed with juice of aloe and apply this nutritious structure to the prepared skin. The rejuvenating mix is left for 13-15 minutes, then washed away warm boiled water and wipe face with cosmetic ice.

Juice of aloe is recommended to use at skin care around eyes.

The rejuvenating mask from aloe consisting of the following components has also perfectly proved: - 2 tablespoons of honey; - 1 tablespoons of biostimulated juice of aloe. Slightly warmed up honey (too it is impossible to heat as it will lose the valuable properties) is mixed with juice. Further cover with cosmetic mix the cleaned face skin and necks and leave the rejuvenating structure for 15-17 minutes. Wash away mask cool boiled water. To smooth wrinkles and to return to the withering skin former elasticity and elasticity the mask for which preparation are necessary will help: - 1 tablespoons of infusion of St. John's wort; - 1 tablespoons of home-made sour cream; - 1 tablespoons of biostimulated juice of aloe; - 1 tsps of honey. The honey which is slightly warmed up on water bath is mixed with other components. Further the mask prepared according to this recipe is applied to the cleaned skin (cover with mix face and neck) and left for 15-17 minutes. Wash away the rejuvenating means cool water.

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