Useful masks for face skin

Useful masks for face skin

Masks are considered as irreplaceable face skin care products. They are capable to humidify instantly, to clean and calm deeply skin. Excellent means for preparation of masks are fruit and vegetables thanks to which it is possible to make mask independently in house conditions.

Each girl wants to be pleasant to men and to cause certain envy in women. It is necessary to understand that the first what people pay attention to - it is face. Therefore face skin constantly has to look faultlessly.

Here not to do without face packs. It is the best of all to do face packs in house conditions of the available means. First, it is cheaper, than ready masks in supermarkets where as a part of 90% of chemistry, and the rest useful substances. When you prepare mask independently, you are sure that have put the freshest, nutritious and useful products there. Secondly, doing mask in house conditions, you automatically receive set of priorities. Only houses you can fully relax, put on convenient silk dressing gown, pin up hair, gather full bathtub of water and settle.

That masks brought benefit, it is worth following some rules. Important to put mask on the clean steamed-out face, it is necessary to do it by clean hands or sponge. After drawing mask it is necessary to be in the weakened state at the muffled lighting. On face it is impossible to talk to mask! For the best effect the mask has to remain in one situation on the relaxed face.

Recipes of the effective masks made independently:

1.   Egg white and lemon juice. To hold 15 min.

2.   Broth of parsley and sour cream. To hold 15 min.

3.   Sour cream and powder of activated carbon. For 15 min.

After application of mask, skin becomes tightened, smooth and gentle. But the most important that your person drew attention of people around, thicket to smile more often because without smile no masks will help you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team