Recipes of masks for the growing old face skin

Recipes of masks for the growing old face skin

Alas, senile changes are inevitable process. However sometimes changes in skin happen before aging of internals. Improper feeding, inadequate face care, bad ecology, some diseases affect condition of integuments. However in your forces to stop this process, applying masks to the withering skin.

Masks for the growing old skin from pitaniyaingrediyenta products for preparation of face packs will be in each kitchen or in the nearest shop. You should not spend the fabulous sums for purchase of cosmetics, you can prepare them.

For preparation of mask you can use apple. In cosmetology apply both juice, and pulp of this fruit. Apple will help you to protect skin from presenilation as it is rich with vitamin C, also it contains the antioxidants interfering influence of free radicals.

Grate apple, add tablespoon of cream and the same amount of olive oil. Put mask on face for half an hour. Also you can wipe face with apple juice or segment of fresh apple. If you have dry skin, before the procedure grease it with fat cream. For preparation of apple mask it is possible to use not only fresh fruit. For example, to make skin elastic, you can put the pounded baked apple mixed with several drops of olive oil and spoon of honey on face. To clean the growing old face skin, use the srub prepared from grated apple and the processed coffee seeds. Apply means to skin with slight circular motions, leave for several minutes then wash away warm water. Excellent means in fight against wrinkles are potatoes. On its basis it is possible to prepare set of masks. Grate crude potatoes on small grater then connect to yolk and tablespoon of milk. Wrap the received means in gauze and for several minutes apply to problem sites of skin. For smoothing of wrinkles use honey mask, but remember that it cannot be done to those at whom the allergy to bee product is revealed. Kindle tablespoon of honey on water bath, add the same amount of flour. Stirring slowly, pour in protein, shake up everything the mixer. Put mask on face for half an hour then wash away water and grease skin with nutritious cream. Recipes of masks from herbs for the withering kozhichtoba to remove wrinkles on the face, regularly do grass masks. Ingredients can be bought in pharmaceutical point and also to prepare them independently. Prepare infusion from calendula. For this purpose 1 tablespoon of plant fill in 250 ml of boiled water, close capacity cover and leave for 30 minutes. In the received means moisten gauze and apply to the person. The camomile medicinal will help to make skin more elastic and elastic to you. Fill in it with glass of white dry wine, put to the dark place for 15 days. Wipe with the received lotion skin twice a day. To prevent appearance of wrinkles, prepare the following infusion. Mix camomile, sage, field horsetail and lime color in equal proportions (approximately on 1 teaspoon), fill in 250 ml of boiled water and leave for hour. On the expiration of time moisten gauze in grass infusion and wipe problem sites of skin. The procedure needs to be repeated every day in the morning and in the evening.

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