What best acne rash medicine

What best acne rash medicine

Acne rash is the most widespread skin disease. There is delusion that pimples are the problem peculiar only to the teenage period. But actually due to various reasons eels can appear on skin at any age. Now there are several means for treatment of the pimples which have proved the efficiency in practice.

Salicylic acid

One of the most inexpensive medicines for treatment of acne rash is salicylic acid. It destroys defiant pimples of bacterium, removes inflammation, reduces excess keratinization of epithelium and clarifies pigmental spots from acne. It is effective in treatment of easy forms of acne disease.

Salicylic acid usually is on sale in the form of spirit solution of various concentration. For treatment of pimples it is better to choose one-percentage spirit solution. More concentrated solutions of salicylic acid can cause strong peeling of skin. In addition there are cosmetic alcohol-free lotions, peelings and means for washing with salicylic acid.


Medicines with antimicrobic activity destroy the microorganisms causing appearance of pimples. Are usually used outwardly in the form of ointments, creams and lotions, but also can be appointed also in the form of tablets. The most popular antibiotics for treatment of pimples is the following: tetracycline (lotion and tablets), clindamycin (Dalatsin of T gel and Clindamycin capsules, Dalatsin), metronidazole (Metrogil gel and tablets "Metronidazole", Trikhopol) and erythromycin (Zinerit lotion and tablets "Erythromycin"). Zinerit lotion is the combined medicine as except antibiotic it contains zinc acetate which reduces production of skin fat and reduces inflammation. "Zinerit" it is effective in treatment of averages and severe forms of acne, however to it there can be accustoming. Therefore it is desirable to alternate lotion to other means for treatment of pimples. In general all antimicrobic medicines from eels have rather high efficiency, but, as a rule, after course of treatment of acne are returned.

Benzoyl peroxide

The external means containing benzoyl peroxide kill the bacteria provoking acne rash. In addition peroxide of benzoyl improves saturation of fabrics oxygen, reduces production of skin fat and keratinization of epithelium. Eklaran gel (5% and 10%), Deskvam gel (5% and 10%), Proderm gel (5% and 10%) and Ugresol lotion (5% and 10%) belong to the medicines containing benzoyl peroxide Baziron AS gel (with concentration of active ingredient of 2.5%, 5% and 10%). Benzoyl peroxide is suitable for treatment of averages and severe forms of acne rash. The effect of treatment remains much longer, than after use of antibiotics. Accustoming to peroxide of benzoyl develops seldom, but perhaps after long application. It is necessary to begin treatment with the means having weaker concentration and then to pass to more concentrated medicines.

Azelaic acid

The pimples medicines containing azelaic acid interfere with reproduction of microbes, normalize the broken processes of keratinization of epithelium, reduce greasiness of skin, smooth hems and reduce pigmentation after acne. Azelaic acid is effective at easy and average form of acne disease. Medicines with azelaic acid are produced under the following trademarks: Skinoren gel of 15%, Skinoren ointment of 20%, Azelik gel of 15%, Azelex cream of 20%, Finevin cream of 20%, gel of Finatsey of 15%.


High efficiency against easy and average forms of acne medical medicines on the basis of retinoids — synthetic analogs of vitamin A have. These medicines have anti-inflammatory effect and regulate process of keratinization of epithelium, preventing obstruction of time and formation of comedones. The most popular means with retinoids are cream and Differin gel of 0.1%, Klenzit gel of 0.1%, Zorak gel of 0.1%, Adaklin cream of 0.1%, Adolen gel of 0.1%, "Retinoic ointment" of 0.05% and 0.1%, Izotreksin gel of 0.05%. For treatment of severe forms of acne it is the best of all to choose the combined medicines which except retinoids have in structure and other substances against pimples. For example, Effezel gel contains retinoid adapalen and benzoyl peroxide, and Klenzit-S gel — adapalen and antibiotic clindamycin. Besides external means with retinoids there are system medicines with synthetic vitamin A for intake. These means for a long time save from acne, however they are very expensive and besides have dangerous side effects. The most known medicine of this group is Roakkutan.

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