Anti-cellulite massage in house conditions

Anti-cellulite massage in house conditions

The cause of cellulitis when the surface of skin becomes similar to orange-peel, the developments of stagnation in lymph and uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat connected with loss of tone and elasticity of integument are. The effective means allowing to restore elasticity of skin is massage.

Notorious "orange-peel" most often appears on those parts of the body which are a little involved at the active movement: on forearms, hips, buttocks. Fat deposits begin to accumulate in these areas and then become obstacle for normal circulation of liquids in fabrics, breaking lymph flow and blood circulation. It, in turn, conducts to the fact that cells of body lack oxygen and nutrients. T. h cellulitis – not only external, cosmetic shortcoming, it also problems with health.

Massage of problem zones helps to warm these parts of the body, to accelerate circulation of lymph and blood that promotes washing away of toxins, softening and removal of excess fat from hypodermic fabrics. At regular massaging the normal metabolism is restored, the structure of skin changes – it becomes elastic and elastic again.

The good effect in fight against cellulitis can be gained by means of usual massage even if you will conduct it independently, but if to apply special anti-cellulite techniques, means and devices, the effectiveness of self-massage can increase considerably and you will be able to get rid of cellulitis much quicker.

Regardless of where anti-cellulite massage will be carried out – in specialized salon or in house conditions, its general principles remain invariable. Mass local zones, where it is possible to see signs of emergence of "orange-peel". Previously muscles have to be warmed and relaxed. For this reason it will be better if in house conditions somebody is able to make to you massage of those parts of body, for example buttocks which at self-massage are very difficult to keeping in the weakened state. When massaging you have to be in convenient pose, do smooth and easy movements, gradually strengthening them as muscles are warmed.

When for massaging you use hands, it is necessary to master the main receptions and ways, such as stroking, grinding, pressing, pat, rolling and vibration. Disposal of cellulitis - business not of one week and even month, be going to spend some time. It is necessary to begin massaging from below and to rise gradually to those sites which are located closer to heart. Duration of one session can vary of 15 minutes till 1 o'clock. For achievement of fast effect the anti-cellulite massage needs to be done daily and when you already achieve the necessary result, it will need to be done at least once in week as prevention.

For anti-cellulite massage treat contraindications: varicosity, cardiovascular diseases, availability of any tumors and damages of integument.

This type of massaging with application of the special receptions which are listed above allows to feel literally "to the touch" problem zones, to allocate them and to process strongly. But if you do such massage independently, try to feel sorry not really for yourself, reducing efforts to lower painful feelings. Use special cream and the oils warming skin, increasing efficiency of massage and activating exchange processes in fabrics. You can buy the thermoactive gels and cream creating right after drawings strong thermal effect in drugstore.

For this type of anti-cellulite massage usual medical banks or special, made of soft, but rather elastic plastic or silicone are used. Apply fat nutritious cream, the warmed aromo-oil or thermogel on problem zone. Establish to bank, having slightly squeezed it on each side, the stronger you will squeeze it, the with bigger force she will stick, adjust necessary compression independently. Begin to drive to bank with circular motions. If you mass stomach, the bank needs to move around clockwise. On other problem zones it is possible to use zigzag and rectilinear movements. The zone of the discharged air which has arisen inside banks influences skin layer, improving exchange processes in it, breaking off and destroying bound together lumps of fat, soldering between them.

Can massage cannot be performed in those areas where thin skin – on the internal surface of hips and under knees.

Honey is long since used in traditional medicine - it is applied not only inside, but also outside, for example, do with it cosmetic masks. This fine means and for increase in efficiency of anti-cellulite massage as it promotes removal of toxins from the upper layers of the skin and organism. Honey needs to be mixed with essential oils that hands when massaging did not stick to skin, optimum ratio – 5 drops of oil on the 2nd teaspoons of honey. It is more effective to use combinations from several oils, for example: lemon, eucalyptuses and lavenders, or lemon with orange, or lemon, juniper, lavender and orange. At first mix oil in separate ware, then add to it honey.

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