What is necessary for growth of eyelashes

What is necessary for growth of eyelashes

, also as well as hair, need food and daily leaving. It is necessary to care for eyelashes in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. That eyelashes well grew and were dense and long, it is recommended not only to choose quality cosmetics, but also sometimes to treat them by means of special oils.

For improvement of growth of eyelashes many vitaminized oils - shipovnikovy, sea-buckthorn, castoric with vitamin A or with couple of drops of carrot juice are good. Using small brush, carry out light massage century along the line of growth. Carry out massage accurately that oil did not get into eyes.

Their growth will help to strengthen eyelashes and to accelerate mix of castor oil and rum in the ratio 1:1. This mix can be applied only on eyelashes, it should not get on skin or eyes at all.

The density and growth of eyelashes are promoted by mix from vaseline and castor oil in the ratio 1:0.5. Vaseline softens hairs and adds them gloss, and castor oil feeds. If your eyelids well perceive vegetable mix, then for growth of eyelashes it is possible to use massage mix from vegetable oil, small chopped parsley and juice of aloe. Massage with participation of these components strengthens their action and promotes rapid growth of cilia. Massage needs to be carried out easy movements along the line of eyelashes. Remarkable means for acceleration of growth of eyelashes and strengthening are lotions from infusion of centaureas and calendula. Fill in these flowers with boiled water and let's infuse three days. When infusion is ready, moisten cotton pads in it and apply to eyelashes for 15 minutes. Well mix from castor oil, almond, olive, cod-liver oil and burdock oil stimulates growth of eyelashes. Oil solution of vitamin E will be the main strengthening component in this mix. Use this means within month, few times in year. One more means helping to strengthen eyelashes and necessary for their growth - mix from castor oil, vaseline, the Peruvian balm or Shostakovsky's balm. All components need to be moved and applied on eyelashes well. Grease cilia with this ointment two times a day. This structure is harmless to eyes therefore it is possible to wash away it quietly.

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