What is sponge

What is sponge

For drawing or removal of make-up not only qualitative means, but also the corresponding accessories are necessary. One of them – cosmetic sponge. It allows both to purify effectively skin, and to evenly apply foundation.

The sponge represents soft sponge from natural or synthetic fibers. Use of any given material depends on the procedure for which the sponge is intended. So, for washing use sponge from natural materials - cellulose, sea sponge, for drawing make-up – from latex or foam rubber.

Washing sponges are intended for repeated use. Materials for their production – sea sponge, cellulose, to konnyak. They well delete the died-off skin cells, massage it, improving blood circulation, clean pores from fat and dust which, collecting, form black dots.

For washing without cosmetics make sponges with various impregnations – color clays, extracts of curative plants, minerals, etc. Such sponges are subject to change of times in two or three months. Washing frequency of use of sponge depends on skin type: at combined and fat – every day, at dry – time in 2-3 days. If face skin very sensitive, then is recommended to use soft sponge 1-2 times a week. Sponges for removal of make-up – generally disposable disks from cotton on which cosmetic is applied. It is also possible to use them when it is necessary to make compress, to apply the moisturizing or nutritious cream, mask, to correct make-up. Sponges for drawing make-up include sponges for distribution of foundation, powder, putting blush, shadows. Sponges from natural materials as they it is less, than synthetic take advantage, absorb in themselves cosmetics. Before use the natural sponge is impregnated with warm water and wrung out, only then apply the necessary cosmetic. Foam sponges too at first humidify that promotes uniform distribution of cosmetics. The form of sponges can be different: round and spherical sponges – for powder, sponges of geometrical forms – for foundation, tear-shaped and triangular the small sizes – for shadows.

Sponges need to be washed with soap (not economic) after each application to avoid accumulation of dirt and fat and, afterwards, possible infection of skin. Well liquid soap or even shampoo is suitable for cleaning of sponges, it is forbidden to use laundry detergents for this purpose. It is necessary to wring out sponges accurately, it is obligatory to dry completely them after cleaning. For storage of sponges it is necessary to choose the dry place.

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