Why add Retinolum to cream

Why add Retinolum to cream

A – one of the vitamins, most important for normal functioning of human body. This valuable substance, or Retinolum has been discovered by the first of all vitamins therefore it also has received the first letter in the alphabet. Oil-soluble vitamin A is useful not only to sight, as is well-known to all from the childhood, but also to skin. Cosmetologists call Retinolum the chief assistant to beauty.

Retinolum can often be met as a part of face, neck, skin creams around eyes. This most powerful antioxidant is capable to change faded skin therefore vitamin A is used most often for inclusion in anti-aging cosmetics. Creams with Retinolum can be bought as in shop, and to create the recipe of beauty independently, having added vitamin A to nutritious structure.

Useful properties of Retinolum

Retinolum is capable to smooth wrinkles, this fighter against skin withering can also make less noticeable pigmental spots. Producers of creams with vitamin A promise that after use of cosmetics with wonderful antioxidant it is possible to notice improvement of complexion. The real elixir of youth is also capable to narrow pores on face.

Creams with Retinolum are recommended for use after 30 flyings. Vitamin A recovers skin, deeply getting into epidermis layers. This component is irreplaceable at treatment of acne, solar burns, psoriasis and other problems of skin. Quite often Retinolum in cosmetology is applied to the combined and oily skin care. The anti-aging effect of creams with Retinolum is expressed that antioxidant stimulates production of collagen. So, skin really becomes more elastic, fresh.

To whom creams with Retinolum are recommended

Concentration of Retinolum in face creams can vary, traditionally cosmetologists advise to begin skin care with small doses of vitamin A. When using cream with antioxidant it is necessary to select means with the UV filter because during solar activity valuable ingredient is capable to cause pigmentation. This results from the fact that vitamin A belongs to photosensitizers. Miracle Retinolum is necessary for you if you have noticed small wrinkles, skin became more rough and dry. Substance improves blood supply, deduction process by cells of epidermis of moisture. Vitamin A successfully resists to photoageing, activization of regeneration of skin begins with updating of upper layers of epidermis. After use of cosmetics with Retinolum skin becomes elastic, she breathes. With care allergic persons need to apply creams with Retinolum. It is for the first time recommended to make the mini-test for skin reaction. The most favorable period for use of cosmetics with Retinolum the winter and fall when the sun is less active is considered, and skin needs protection and support. And it is the best of all to choose creams with vitamin A for night use. Day means contain smaller concentration of Retinolum. It is possible to apply creams with Retinolum addition only courses. It is worth beginning specific leaving since 35. Between two-month courses it is necessary to take break – not less than three months.

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