How to make lip balm in house conditions with own hands

How to make lip balm in house conditions with own hands

of ""green"" way of life try to prepare independently not only bombs for bathtubs and similar trifles, but also cosmetics. The recipe of hygienic balm for lips is quite simple and not too expensive – it has to turn out even at beginners.

Many, perhaps, heard common opinion as if purchased balms dry up lips, forcing the owner to put means again and again. Alas, the element of truth is here: at some hygienic lipsticks there can really be present be dangerous substances causing accustoming. Especially it is necessary to be careful of the products containing phenol, camphor or menthol as these ingredients result in bigger dryness, giving only temporary relief. Also big minus is availability as a part of alcohol (it is usually marked as "OL") and salicylic acid which is added for the best peeling.

Balm for lips of house preparation will help not only to get rid of dryness, but also will provide sufficient long-term moistening. In addition, unlike the majority of store means, it will not leave feeling of fat content or stickiness.


  • ·     beeswax,
  • ·     honey,
  • ·     coconut oil,
  • ·     vitamin E in capsules,
  • ·     essential oil (at choice).

Beeswax effectively protects from environmental impact and works as the excellent moistening means. But the most important in this recipe the fact that it will give to balm strong consistence.

Coconut oil does not cover skin with impenetrable film, unlike means on the basis of oil processing products. The fatty acids which are its part moisturize the skin of lips and cell regenerations promote.

Honey is vitamin-rich also useful microelements, it is natural humidifier and effectively looks after even strongly dehydrated lips.

At last, vitamin E contains antioxidants and neutralizes action of the free radicals injuring healthy skin and leading to its dryness.

It is required to you:

  • ·     polished beeswax – 1 tablespoon;
  • ·     coconut oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • ·     vitamin E – 2 capsules;
  • ·     honey drop;
  • ·     several drops of essential oil (at will).

The recipe for balm is extremely simple. Kindle beeswax in stewpan, begin to mix oil when half of the available wax thaws. Then add the remained ingredients and carefully mix. Remove the turned-out weight from fire, pour out in tiny jars or containers and put to be cooled. After several hours you will be able to enjoy the turned-out balm!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team