Who such patimaker?

Who such patimaker?

Word meaning patimaker in translation from English – the organizer of parties. But this definition patimaker since as this expert the full cycle of preparation and holding an action enters does not transfer a full word meaning.

What means the word patimaker?

The term patimaker came from English party maker – the organizer of a party, a party. Most often such expert is employed on large and responsible actions – weddings, anniversaries, meetings of classmates or schoolmates, professional holidays, etc., but besides, the patimaker will organize also open parties, tickets for which anyone can acquire.

This expert not just the host or the leader, he is the organizer who is engaged:

  • the choice and tenancy for an action;
  • selection of necessary personnel – waiters, musicians, photographers;
  • decoration of the hall;
  • drawing up the menu and acquisition of a treat for guests;
  • entertainments for participants of a party – competitions, a disco;
  • permission of force majeur situations.

At an organized party the patimaker is responsible for everything. But the organization of an action – that is not all. The patimaker has to watch that guests did not miss, at the same time he has to react sensitively to moods of party-goers and offer those entertainments for which they wait. If guests do not participate in competitions – the patimaker means does not cope with duties, he has to organize dvizhukha.

Especially difficult to a patimaker to work with the ill-matched companies – various on age, a social status, etc.

Who such successful patimaker - profession secrets

To become a successful patimaker not so simply as many thought, failed in this field. The budget of an action needs to be spent competently, otherwise the organizer can be left without salary. And not to do the beginner without knowledge of some secrets of a profession.

One of the most expensive items of expenditure – tenancy on which about a half of the budget often leaves. But it is possible to beat down the price or to agree about free allocation of the room if to interest owners of club or cafe in an abrupt show or the invited DJ.

If to work for prospect, it is possible to try to hold some of very demanded parties with the excellent program even if they also will not bring income. And if the owner estimates efforts of a patimaker (and the sum of profit on bar), he can meet requirements of the organizer and offer the cafe for parties is free or with a serious discount.

For decrease in expenses on DJs, dancers and other personnel, acquaintances and good relations are necessary. To Patimaker will always be what to offer personnel, and in exchange to receive a discount.

Gain of visitors of parties can be received for the account of the organization of original actions, for example, for club of acquaintances, fans of cinema, admirers of some musical genre.

To increase profit, on the closed parties it is possible to sell invitation cards – usual and in VIP-zones. However to interest buyers, it is necessary to have reputation of the organizer super-party.

Advertizing – a good way to increase attendance of parties of the beginning patimaker. At the same time it is important to find an optimal variant – not too expensive, but attracting target audience for which advertizing is designed. For example, it is possible to advertize parties in various groups of social networks – to post a photo, to do announcements, to announce competitions, to suggest users to choose the invited star.

Skilled patimaker warn – you should not wait for profit on the first parties, the main thing is not to go to minus. But, having accumulated experience, having got communications and acquaintances, over time from this occupation it is possible to derive not only pleasure, but also profit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team