What to do if the husband wants to divorce

What to do if the husband wants to divorce

Recently the number of divorces promptly grows, and as initiators men rather often act. If your husband decided to leave you, you have to decide whether it is worth fighting for the happiness or it is better to release darling.

1. If your husband reported to you that he intends to file the application for a divorce in the nearest future, first of all you have to try to have with it a heart-to-heart talk. Reject towards emotion, try to think soberly and not to give vent to tears. To you it is not necessary to fall before insults and humiliations too. Your conversation has to proceed structurally that it brought though some result. Take an interest at the beloved in what the reason of his such decision. Perhaps, he fell in love with other woman, was tired of your quarrels and your indifference or simply is not happy with you because of your behavior. In the first case it will be possible to save marriage hardly as heart cannot order, but if misunderstanding or your shortcomings became the cause of a divorce, you can quite reach compromise.

2. After you find out what led your spouse to such thoughts, ask it to give you some time for reflections. For this period you need not only to consider everything carefully, but also to begin to perform work on the mistakes.

3. Listen to opinion of the husband and begin to be engaged in self-improvement. If it did not like your laziness, actively do household chores. If the reason of his discontent was in lack of culinary talents, learn to prepare. If he was not happy with your appearance which you could start fairly, make toilet. Begin to look after yourself as did it still before entered a legal marriage. Fight against extra kilos by means of fitness and aerobics, prefer active holiday, visit beauty shop and do new hair. The clothes, most likely, too should be replaced.

4. If all your undertakings remain the spouse unnoticed, try to act by the principle "hotly - cold". Arrange to the beloved a romantic dinner by candlelight during which you can tell it frankly about the emotions, experiences and feelings, and it is possible to finish evening with erotic massage, sexual dance or stormy night of love. The man who lived with you in marriage is a lot of years, will hardly be able to resist such temptation and your initiative, most likely, will give it pleasure.

5. You need to spend the next day absolutely differently. Go about the own business, go to walk or meet the old friends. When your spouse comes back home, he will find your lack and lack of fresh homemade food there. When he asks you about why you acted this way, tell that you had affairs. Laugh and say that after the divorce he always should do everything. Then you can be with it tender and gentle again. Similar cases keep the man in suspense and set him thinking on what will be if you do not become a row.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team