According to what criteria to select the one-year-old child nurse

According to what criteria to select the one-year-old child nurse

To choose the one-year-old child nurse, it is necessary to be guided by certain criteria. It is necessary to take it seriously, she will be responsible for health and life of the kid.

For a start decide what qualities the nurse has to have. Decide on what days and during what time she will be with your kid, after that start search. You will be come to the rescue by announcements, the agencies, the recommendations of acquaintances. Further start an interview during which ask each candidate to the nurse's position about her experience to work (for this purpose study the service record), look at recommendations, characteristic from the previous employers. It has to have necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to watch the child.

Knowledge of a foreign language

Many parents give to preferences to those candidates recently to a position who in perfection know any foreign language. At the age of one year children already try to communicate, saying for the present to nobody unclear sounds. At this particular time the child as a sponge absorbs in himself all that is told by adults. If you employ the nurse knowing a foreign language it will be able to talk in two languages. Consider that it — only one of possible criteria when choosing the candidate to a position.

Results of analyses and conclusion of doctors

Study all provided references of the specialist. So, she has to have conclusions from the psychologist, the dermatologist, the narcologist, results of fluorography, analyses on HIV, hepatitis, eggs of worms, lyamblioz, etc.

Education — important criterion

The candidate to a position has to have a secondary or higher medical and pedagogical education. Why? As child care belongs to duties of the nurse, existence of education is just necessary. And suddenly something happens to the kid? In this case the nurse, having necessary knowledge, will give first aid. Also holding hygienic procedures, bathing, massage, gymnastics, cooking and many other things will belong to its duties. For development of the child not to do without pedagogical education. The nurse will play with it the developing games, to monitor his intellectual development.

Communication with the child

After you select several suitable candidates, suggest everyone to communicate to the child a little. Give that for which the kid will reach most preference. You monitor its work within a week. If the child does not get used to it, refuse its services. If the nurse quickly finds a common language with your baby, tell her about his health, about what medicine he takes, on what products at it an allergy, etc.

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