As child to teach to read: what to begin with?

As child to teach to read: what to begin with?

When the kid is one year old, before parents there is a question: how to help it to begin to speak? It is an important stage which influences further mental development of the child therefore many experts recommend to give it, it is as much as possible attention. Answers to a question as child to teach to read, it is possible to find a huge set, and here is how to help it to tell quicker the first words, 10 times less.

Understanding of the speech develops only up to 1.5 years then replenishment of a personal lexicon begins. Even one syllable can sometimes mean the whole phrase therefore in each case it is necessary to consider identity of the kid. After he is 1.6 years old, understanding of the child from a semi-sigh can become a serious obstacle to development. Therefore you should not comply with its requests according to the first requirement, and to wait until he begins to sound them.

Several simple councils for a speech development

Before teaching to read the child, it is necessary to help him to begin to speak. First of all it is necessary to stimulate the kid on full pronunciation of a word, more often to ask how any given subject is called. By two years of life the lexicon of the child has to be replenished on 250 words though this figure nevertheless is very individual and if the baby says less, girls you should not be upset. Begin to communicate actively much quicker than boys, this factor should be considered too. The next moments should be taken into account at a speech development in the kid.

  • It is very important to talk to him from the first day of its birth, it is necessary to describe all actions which are made by parents. It is possible to call objects when the dinner is cooked, to tell the kid where parents head and what interesting he can see. Every time should be fixed result and to repeat constantly seen, to call objects several times.
  • It is necessary to acquaint the baby with sounds from the first days too as the car sounds as wind howls as the birdie sings as she jumps horses, etc. If the kid begins to repeat, it is necessary to support him, to praise more often.
  • Fine motor skills of hands are connected with the speech, it was proved more than once by scientists therefore do not forbid to play to the kid with peas, buttons, haricot, coins. Of course, only in the presence of adults. The child with pleasure will pour small objects from one jar into another.

It is very important to help the kid with a speech development, but it is worth doing it correctly that he always felt comfortable. The result will not keep itself waiting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team