As it is correct to enter a feeding up

As it is correct to enter a feeding up

Many mummies early enough begin to ask a question of how it is correct to enter a feeding up. And it is vain, up to 6 months of life of the baby of a question of a feeding up just does not exist.

 In all recommendations of pediatricians the first rule – introduction of a feeding up – up to 6 months not to begin! To feed with milk of mom or good dairy mix. It is correct to enter a feeding up after this age as, first, milk or mix does not provide the growing requirements of an organism of the kid any more, and secondly, digestive system of the baby is already rather prepared for intake of new food. Thirdly, exactly from this age most of children begins to sit independently.

It is recommended to begin a feeding up with one of two types of dishes – porridge or vegetable puree. The choice remains for mom. If to the kid half a year and was executed in the summer in the fall, then it is more correct and more logical, to begin a feeding up with vegetable puree. If this important age fell on winter and spring – that from porridge.

It is simple to cook porridges and puree, but it is not worse to apply for this purpose products of industrial production. To begin to lure the child new food it is necessary during the quietest period for all family, any repairs, moving and to that similar cataclysms. As in half a year to children put inoculations, it is necessary to wait after vaccine injection week, and then already to enter a feeding up. Ideal porridges to start a feeding up are rice, oat and buckwheat. It is undesirable to add salt and sugar to porridges. It is possible to add 5 g of quality butter. It is better to choose the first vegetable purees from squash, a cauliflower, broccoli cabbage. In them there are a lot of useful vitamins and they very seldom cause allergies. It is necessary to give porridge or vegetable puree in the second morning feeding which usually falls on 10-11 o'clock in the morning that all day to watch reaction of the kid. The first test – is no more than 1 teaspoon, then to finish feeding the child a breast or mix. Gradually, in a week to bring quantity of a product to 100 g (for the six-month child). If during the day mom noticed rash, especially on a face and a breast of the kid, then it is very probable that on the entered product at the child an allergy. It is necessary to return to food only breast milk or mix at least for a week, and then, to repeat attempt with other product. It is necessary to enter a new kind of porridge or puree not more often than once a week. Separately concerning introduction of fruit juice and puree. Many consider that these products need to be entered into the child's diet a bit earlier, months from three. But, according to modern pediatric recommendations, it is not necessary to hurry with introduction of fruit too, the minimum age – 5 months. Both juice, and puree contain fruit acids which irritate a gentle stomach of the kid. Introduction of meat needs to be begun from 7 months, from a turkey and a rabbit are the most low allergy types of meat. Kefir and cottage cheese also enter from this age. Introduction of fish – not earlier than 10 months. At first white grades, then red. By a year, vegetables and fruit in the form of puree, meat and fish, both puree, and forcemeat, various porridges, kefir, cottage cheese, milk (breast of mother or mix) have to enter a daily diet of the baby. All this is not dogma, each little man is individual. 

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