How to accustom the child to a toilet

How to accustom the child to a toilet

Being born, the child does not understand at all how to live in this world. Gradually, day after day he studies and masters many things. Learns to speak, learns to sit, go, communicate with other children. One more not less important ability is the ability to go to a toilet. It needs to teach him too.


1. Accustom the child at first to a pot. It will be a peculiar bridge from diapers to an adult toilet. It is possible to do it at the age of ten months or year. You will see when the kid is ready to do the affairs in a pot. If the child opposes and refuses him, do not force violently. These actions you can impart for a long time to the kid antipathy to a pot, and then it will be much more difficult to accustom him.

2. Do not buy musical and other pots with elements which will distract it. Buy it a new toy better and encourage it with it when the kid descends in a pot. The kid can be frightened of foreign sounds and be afraid to celebrate once again need.

3. Do not abuse the child if he peed in panties. You understand it. All of us once studied therefore also give it time in order that he understood and learned. You have to be ready that some time the baby will allow similar misses regularly.

4. When the child learns to go to a pot, gradually accustom him to a toilet. It is possible to buy a special overlay for a toilet bowl that it was convenient to kid to sit on it. Especially this slip will be necessary for girls.

5. Show to the child as you go to a toilet. It will be useful for boy to go with dad to "excursion". You speak to him that he already adult, and is time to master a toilet bowl if to it there are not enough bright examples. The main thing – do not do from this a problem and you will soon notice how your child skillfully goes to a toilet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team