How to accustom the kid to a breast

How to accustom the kid to a breast

Breast milk – a valuable product of which advantage the nature took care. But, unfortunately, sometimes at young mothers not always it turns out to accustom the kid to a breast. The reasons can be various: the child since the birth ate via the probe or from a small bottle, nipples of mom have the form badly suitable for sucking, etc. Anyway parents should make every effort for breastfeeding preservation.


1. The first, and perhaps, the most important in schooling – a positive spirit. Calm down, keep courage, you remember that the emotional connection between mom and the child is very strong. The kid will feel any negative thoughts at once.

2. Try to distract from daily efforts. Let the apartment will stand untidy, and the husband himself will make a dinner and will be engaged in washing. For you it is more important to remain with the child and to offer him a breast literally according to the first requirement.

3. Often children refuse to be put to a breast because of anatomic features of maternal nipples. Let's to allow the baby suck through special silicone slips (they are on sale in pharmacies). Perhaps, this adaptation will help to solve a problem and also will protect gentle skin of nipples from cracks.

4. Do not offer the child of a small bottle and a pacifier. If necessary finish feeding the kid the decanted milk or mix from the syringe, a spoon or a cup with thin walls. If these ways do not work, give 20–30 ml of milk from a children's small bottle then replace it with a breast. If the child does not want to take a breast – do not insist. Just calm the kid, distract him and try again in 30–40 minutes. It is possible to squeeze out couple of drops of milk and to grease with it nipples, the smell will surely draw attention of the hungry pighead.

5. Surely put the baby to a breast at night. The best option – a joint dream. The sleepy kid refuses a breast much less often and has an opportunity always to be put to it. Besides, night feedings stimulate generation of special hormone – prolactin which is responsible for development of enough maternal milk.

6. When the kid begins to take periodically a breast, do not take away it even if he sucks long. Use this time better and have just a rest with the baby, having left all affairs for later. Of course, the help of close people during such period will be useful. Act surely, consistently, persistently, and your efforts will surely be crowned with success!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team