How to accustom to a pot since one and a half years

How to accustom to a pot since one and a half years

Schooling to a pot - simple, but laborious process which demands best efforts not only from the child, but also his parents. One and a half years – ideal age to get rid of pampers.

Specific features

Schooling of the child to a pot - the long, but simple process having the features. Everything depends on age of the kid and assertiveness of parents. According to doctor Komarovsky, consciously the fidget begins to control urination only from 2.5-3 years. However the doctor also claims that kids can make a certain progress and in one and a half years, and even in 6 months. Each child is individual, the earlier parents will begin it to learn to celebrate need on a pot – the better.

What to begin with?

Acquaintance to a pot should be begun gradually. Initially it can interest the child as a toy. Kids often "drive in a toilet" teddy bears and also think out other interesting classes to accustom with a new thing. When parents see that the pot does not cause in the child of negative emotions, it is possible to remove pampers safely. The main thing in this case is to mark a period of time of urination and to regularly offer the child will be emptied. It is not necessary to wait that in the first days, weeks, and, maybe, even months the kid will independently ask for a toilet. It is necessary to remember that wet tights of the child are not his fault, but parents. At least, at the first stages of acquaintance to a pot.

Acquaintance to a pot should be begun gradually, initially it can become an amusing toy for the kid.

When does the child ask on a pot?

Regular driving on a pot will cause a conditioned reflex in the kid sooner or later. On it several weeks or months can be necessary, it depends on age and the level of development of the child. Parents have to remember that the fidget will never learn to celebrate need in a pot if he is dressed in pampers. Not to do without wet pants and panty hoses, even at huge desire in any way. To refuse completely diapers at the first stage it is unreal as nobody is insured from "an unforeseen situation" on the street, on a visit, on the way, etc. However in house conditions it is better to minimize their use.

Each child is individual, there can pass several weeks or months before he independently asks on a pot.

Widespread mistakes

Never it is necessary to abuse the child for the fact that he celebrated need on himself. It is absolutely normal. Shouts can cause disgust for a pot in the kid that considerably will complicate a situation. It is not necessary to wait for two or three years, one and a half years – ideal age to get rid of pampers, not at once, gradually the child will take the first step to independence. If the fidget shows obvious discontent, cries and refuses flatly acquaintance to "the new friend" - better to hold off it.

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