How to clean a nose to the kid

How to clean a nose to the kid

That noses-kurnosiki of kids snuffled as it is necessary to them, freely and easily, they have to be clean from within and outside. Breath should not be complicated, otherwise it can cause an array of problems with health of yours of the baby.

It is required to you

  • cotton wool, small container with water.


1. Try to keep a nose of your kid clean. It, as we know, - guarantee of health. The nasal pass hammered with dust sharply reduces passability of oxygen in lungs and an organism, especially children's, begins to suffer from it very strongly. Intake of oxygen in a brain, in muscles decreases, there comes the slackness and drowsiness.

2. Therefore try to be more to the kid in the fresh air. On walk take disposable nasal kerchiefs. They can be useful if the kid bursts into tears in time to podteret to him a nose. In cold season our nose, as well as children's, much quicker, than in warm, produces slime therefore kerchiefs by all means have to be always with you.

3. At home try not to allow formation of too large amount of dust which will litter a small nose. Get rid of unnecessary carpets, heavy portieres and old upholstered furniture. Let will easily do damp cleaning that you could make it almost every day. You remember, the small child so far, you are responsible for his health. Understanding of this simple truth will facilitate your mournful work. And gradually nightly damp cleaning will become your habit. And there, you look, and the kid will already ask to himself the second rag and will begin you to help.

4. Every evening clean a nose of yours of the baby. If it is still so small that is not able to blow nose, turundochka will help. Take vatu, pour a little water into small capacity, dip a small piece of a vatochka in water and roll fingers small zhgutik which could pass freely in a nostril of the kid. Scroll it clockwise several times in a nostril to take collected there in a day. Perhaps from the first at you it will not turn out. Then try the second and third time. That the kid did not disturb you, distract him rhymes, humourous catchphrases and songs. Gradually he will get used to this necessary procedure. And you seize the moment when it is ready to learn to blow nose, and accustom to do it it independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team