How to define whether got to a good class to study the child

How to define whether got to a good class to study the child

There is no exact definition "a good class". For some is a specialized class with in-depth study of objects, for others – individual approach to the child, and for the third – strict discipline. It is necessary to define criteria of a good class from the preferences. Though the friendly atmosphere, psychological comfort and obtaining profound knowledge – the integral lines of a good class.

First of all, the good class has to be focused on educational process. At the same time it is important that children gained profound and strong knowledge in a situation, comfortable for themselves. To learn whether the child got to a good class, it is possible to address public opinion. For this purpose it is necessary to find out technical equipment of a class, faculty members, progress of pupils of a class in general and also their participation and victories at the various Olympic Games. At the same time it is necessary to remember that not always regalia of teachers demonstrate their human qualities, and victories at the Olympic Games of certain pupils – about the high educational level of all class.

Surely it is necessary to take an interest in opinion on a class of pupils and their parents. Having talked to a large number of people, it is possible to learn about pluses and minuses in the organization of educational process, merits and demerits of teachers.

In many respects the situation and the atmosphere in a class depend on the teacher. Therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with teachers and the class teacher personally. Very important, what style of education is preached in family (strict or democratic). At the teacher with similar approach to educational work the child will feel more comfortably. It is worth visiting a class on break and to look, than children are engaged. Perhaps, in a class the self-government is welcomed or patronage of seniors of younger school students is accepted. All this disciplines and positively influences the child. A lot of things can tell registration of a class, existence of stands, visual aids, wall newspapers. Tell cool traditions, holding joint actions (campaigns, a celebration of birthday boys, etc.) about unity of pupils. Now at schools various training programs take root. It is necessary to learn on what of them teach in a class where the child studies. It can be the developing training of a system of Zankov, the Rostock program or the usual traditional program. The child has to study on that system which preference is given by parents.

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