As in 30 years to learn to stretch out

As in 30 years to learn to stretch out

To stretch out – for some it was the dream since the childhood, but it didn't develop. Others began to play sports closer to 30, and this dream visited them at this age. To learn to stretch out really how many to you was years, the main thing in this case – persistence and patience.

It is required to you

  • - gymnastic rug (skin).


1. Train daily, not less than 30 minutes. It will allow you to reach the desirable how many to you was years. The your body is younger and is more sports, the quicker you receive result. But before beginning, you need to believe in what to stretch out really at any age! Someone stretches out in 2-3 weeks, and others should be engaged several months.

2. Begin with warm-up. It will warm muscles and sheaves, and process of the extension will go quicker. Categorically it is impossible to do extensions on not warmed sheaves! You risk to be traumatized. Warm-up can include jumps, fast walking, jog, bendings, leg swings, rope jumping. Good option will be to turn on the incendiary music and to dance with all the heart 5-15 minutes.

3. Execute leg swings, on 8 on each leg in each direction. Get up directly, it is possible to hold the chair back. Legs have to be straight lines. Swings should be done forward, back, aside from themselves and inside. Finish each series of swings the leg delay in air for 30 seconds. If at you easily it turns out to do more than 8 swings for time, then do more.

4. Get up directly, and then lunge forward. The back foot has to remain the straight line, and the lobby – to be bent in the knee. Rock to feel how groin muscles last.

5. Get up directly, straight legs. Bend forward, trying to reach at first fingers the floor, then try to put palms on the floor, then to place them from itself on each side, and as a result, to embrace leg hands. It is first difficult therefore it is possible to bend and try to relax in this situation that sheaves "got used" to last.

6. Folds. Exercise is similar to previous, it is only necessary to sit down on the floor and to reach hands for fingers from this situation. Then try to move apart legs as widely as you can. Bend forward, trying to lay down the breast on the floor. Every day move apart legs a little more widely, than in previous.

7. Try to stretch out. Finish each occupation it. So you will feel progress, and in some day at all with surprise find out that you already achieved the objective. After that it isn't necessary to finish trainings, otherwise the result will quickly disappear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team