How to disaccustom the child to a finger

How to disaccustom the child to a finger

The finger is sucked by many children. Parents of the two-month kid should not be anxious. A sucking instinct for the child of this age – the phenomenon natural. Desire to suck a pacifier or different objects passes in normal cases by itself. But if the child is one and a half years old, and even two, and the habit did not pass, parents has to be disturbed by it.

It is required to you

  • Dummy
  • Interesting toys
  • It is a little patience and endurance


1. Observe the kid. At what moments does he most often suck a finger? If the child puts a finger in a mouth several minutes prior to a dream, and in other time it does not have this habit, your task is significantly facilitated. Try to make minutes of falling asleep the most pleasant. Tell the fairy tale. Put a favourite soft toy in a bed. With it the kid will not feel so alone. If the child sucks a finger after woke up, do not leave it for a long time one in a bed. Observance of the mode in this case very much helps. If it is already time to rise and you woke up, wash and put on.

2. The kid can suck a finger also in the afternoon. As a rule, it occurs if he is alarmed or misses. Try to define what disturbs him and whenever possible remove the cause. The situation in the house has to be quiet. If in an environment of the child there are objects of which he for the unclear reasons is afraid, move away them for a while.

3. Create an environment, interesting to it, in the room of the kid. Indoors there have to be many objects capable to occupy the child. It can be not only toys and books, but also just household items.

4. Try to organize the child's life so that he had no "empty" hours. The kid can just suck a finger with boredom. Remember that the child of babyhood cannot organize the life completely yet. It has to have minutes when he is engaged in the toys or books. But nearby always there has to be someone from adults who can switch attention of the child to a new type of activity.

5. If the child already rather big, it is possible to ask him about what disturbed him or frightened directly. In general try to talk more to the kid and do not disregard his fears even if they seem trifling. Unimportant events in life of the little person do not happen. Remember that any fears and alarms become much less important if to talk about them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team