How to disaccustom the child to a joint dream

How to disaccustom the child to a joint dream

If your child got used to sleep together with parents, disposal of this habit can be a difficult task even then when he already reached quite the age of reason. It is good if the baby at a certain stage of development goes to own bed on the initiative. But more often parents should use the efforts to organize to the child a comfortable dream separately from them.

It is required to you

  • - Separate berth (bed or children's ottoman);
  • - night lamp;
  • - children's bed linen;
  • - toy.


1. The most optimum for transition to a separate bed the three-year age is considered. The child already feels as the personality at whose disposal also own bed is now.

2. Try to attract interest in that place where from now on he will sleep of the child. For the boy it is possible to buy a bed in the form of the machine or the ship, and the girl will be fascinated by a bed with fantastic bed curtains. Buy bed linen with an amusing print in the form of characters from favourite animated films. It is possible to establish the "magic" night lamp projecting moving pictures on a ceiling in a recreation area of the child. It is good if the kid is able to participate in the choice of details for arrangement of the new berth.

3. Initially put a crib near yours or even absolutely near it. When the kid accustoms to new space, you will be able to remove a bed on distance necessary to you. For a start try to stack the kid in his bed for the period of a daytime sleep.

4. Observance of "rituals" before going to bed is of great importance for any child. The light weakening massage or reception of a bathtub, reading the book, exchange of impressions about the lived day can act as such ritual. The child has to understand that you did not change the gentle attitude towards him though it is more and do not spend night hours together.

5. It is slightly more difficult to accustom the kid to sleep in the separate room. Can stir, for example, fear of darkness. If one of parents spends several nights together with the child in his room, the baby will make sure that nothing terrible will happen to it here.

6. In case the child does not want to fall asleep separately in any way, it is possible to lay him in a parental bed, having held all ordinary rituals of laying, and already fallen asleep child to transfer to the nursery.

7. Children usually calm down, feeling a native mother's smell. Put in a bed a thing with your smell if your child badly perceives need to sleep separately from mom.

8. Try to use also such reception: putting the kid to bed in his bed, for several minutes depart, having explained to the baby the leaving with some important issue. For this time leave instead of yourself a favourite toy of the child, "having charged" it care of the kid. Having returned, surely thank a toy for the help. Gradually the child will get used to sleep with the toy which is associated at him with a mother's image.

9. Surely talk to the child about what prevents it to sleep separately, then disaccustoming from a joint dream will be painless for all members of your family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team