How to disaccustom the child to a mat

How to disaccustom the child to a mat

All parents, anyway, face the well-known problem – their child pronounced an abusive word. He could hear it in kindergarten, on the street, on TV or from you, parents. How it is correct to react to "bad" words that the child in the future did not repeat them?


1. The most important – any panic, only quiet reaction. If you show active and impassioned reaction, then safely expect repetition of such word.

2. The lack of any reaction in general – too is bad, her child also waits. If you do not react in any way, he will repeat this word to achieve your reaction.

3. Quietly explain to the child that it is indecent to pronounce such bad words (good children of it do not speak, and he at you good?), and then quickly switch to other subject which will be more fascinating, than swear words.

4. Achieve from the child of understanding and frankness and ask where he heard these words. If you achieve emotional contact, your kid will address in the future for council you and will tell you what you ask to tell.

5. If all above-mentioned did not help, take extreme measures. For example, it is possible to deprive of the child of hobby for each "abusive" word and to force it to be engaged in occupation unloved. Respectively, for lack of swear words and for good behavior of the child it is possible to encourage.

6. It is also possible to use an intimidation method, that is to tell the child that he becomes ugly and to nobody necessary when uses foul language.

7. If the child told a "bad" word at strangers, apologize for it and change a topic of conversation. The child in this case tries to achieve attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team