How to distinguish pregnancy on early terms

How to distinguish pregnancy on early terms

Usually about pregnancy begin to suspect after the first days of a menstrual delay. Some giving birth women feel changes in an organism prior to the beginning of a menstrual cycle, but how to distinguish pregnancy on early terms if childbirth is only planned, and there is no experience at all?

Conception, as well as the birth of the kid – the great happiness available, alas, not to everyone. A great number of young couples visit the centers of planning of family and private clinics, select days, successful for fertilization, there take place inspections and drink vitamins packs if only it was only succeeded to conceive the child. For the women dreaming of the kid – the delay for one day – an occasion to cry with happiness and to run in pharmacy behind the test every day turns into infinite expectation of a miracle, and. To a word – tests are not always truthful, and their quality does not depend on cost at all. The delay can sometimes arise because of internal inflammations or diseases on a female part.

How to understand, you are pregnant or not without test strip

It is necessary to consider that the impregnated ovum fastens to a uterus wall in 1 week after sexual intercourse. You can quietly wait when there comes the date celebrated by a red felt-tip pen without suspecting that the menstrual cycle will be repeated only 9 months later. What can the woman feel, without guessing a pleasant surprise yet?

  • The most sensitive natures, nearly from first seconds feel weakness, slight nausea in the mornings and draft for sleeping;
  • Mammary glands slightly bulk up, and nipples painfully react if accidentally to mention or hook on them clothes. Also nagging pain the breast responds if to squeeze it in a palm;
  • The aura around a nipple increases a little, darkens, whitish liquid – colostrum is emitted. Similar reaction depends on specific features of an organism;
  • Stable temperature increase of a body up to 37 degrees;
  • Sharply the appetite increases, and in certain cases, on the contrary, dies away. At meals there can be sharp nausea, but already in few months everything returns to normal;
  • Periodic abdominal distension;
  • Strongly flavoring addictions change. There is a wish at the same time sweet or salty. Some women begin to eat products which integrally did not transfer, or to mix such incompatible ingredients as condensed milk and beet soup;
  • Surges in irritability and nervous state arise spontaneously and also quickly cease;
  • Powerful sign of pregnancy – frequent desires "a bit". The reason is simple – the uterus increases and begins to press on a bladder.

Primary symptoms can sometimes cause discomfort or pain. Poor mucous dabs with blood impregnations of yellowish or pinkish color on shorts, it is possible to take mistakenly for the beginning monthly, but actually, it can be implantation allocations which signal that the germ was successfully attached to a uterus. Most often, similar signals remain unnoticed as are accepted to natural allocations from a vagina. If allocations plentiful, with clots of dark blood, it can be a danger warning, that is, a possible abortion.

Dreaming to become pregnant, women attribute themselves desirable feelings which can mean absolutely other values. Before monthly the appetite likewise can be played or the mood is unexpected deteriorate. It is possible to get used so to a role of the pregnant woman that the body will react as that will be wished by the woman. The absence monthly not always means that fertilization came true. The delay can be also for other reasons:

  • Sharp change of climate, for example, an unplanned travel, rest in the hot resort;
  • Long use of medicinal medicines, long disease;
  • Severe stresses at work and houses;
  • Rigid diet.

It is possible to define pregnancy not only by internal introspection or the test, and also by ultrasonography, testing and measurement of basal body temperature. Keep in mind if to keep a test strip in water more than the put term, it is possible to receive wrong result. The mistake can be caused because of the wrong storage of strips – the dampness indoors affects quality. Tests are electronic, jet and tablet. The choice remains for you. Jet test the most qualitative, but, and the most expensive of all. Do not forget that in the early stages of pregnancy the tests can be mistaken. Measurement of temperature in the basal way quite labor-consuming, also is in entering the thermometer into a rectum and to wait for 5 minutes. Optimum time for the procedure – morning when the body not up to the end woke up. Control temperature within 3-4 days – at stable result of 37 - 37.1 degrees, it is possible to make the joyful conclusion.

National methods of definition of pregnancy

Fill with morning urine glass capacity, add to it a teaspoon of baking soda. If soda does not hiss, and accumulates on a bottom, - you are pregnant. In the same way it is possible to check urine for iodine reaction: drip one drop – if it remained "to float" on a surface, long-awaited pregnancy occurred. Skilled old women claim – if at you the iris of eyes darkened, so it is time to be preparing for the birth of the new little man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team