How to encourage the child for good study

How to encourage the child for good study

It is necessary to encourage the child for good study. It will give to the school student motivation, will present him confidence in the forces. Besides, so parents can express the pride of the son or the daughter.

It is possible to encourage the child for study in different ways. Someone from parents praises for each mark, someone passes with the child to the monetary relations and pays for good study. Some parents buy expensive things which the child will ask, and someone ships the son or the daughter on good rest outward. Ways to encourage children there is a set, each such way will have both merits, and negative.

Encouragement with money

Monetary encouragement for good marks is known to many families. Parents pay to the child receiving the fours and five or pay some certain sum for good marks in a quarter. It really increases motivation of the child, he begins to try better at lessons, his progress increases and the behavior at school improves. Such parents consider that study serves in school for the child as work, and for good performance of work the award is put.

This opinion is really fair, but it is necessary to explain to such child that he studies not for teachers, parents and not for the sake of money, and for himself. It is useful to explain to him what the gained knowledge will be useful for. Then the motivation of the child will not be limited only to desire to earn. Besides, at such children the motivation can be shown not just to receive a good mark, and dependence when they go to school even with a temperature or force themselves to learn an unloved subject at any cost if only to them did not give a bad mark. And at some school students to whom parents pay the aspiration to deception and reserve, dispassionateness from schoolmates, isolation is shown.


To give gifts is one of long parental traditions for encouragement of school students too. It is rather effective both for motivation of the pupil, and for expression of parental gratitude and a praise for good study. When the pupil knows that promised him some good thing which he wanted long ago - the computer, the bicycle, the tablet or phone, he begins to try to finish year with good marks. Some permission or rest becomes frequent such gift there where the child wants to go. But it is necessary to agree with the child on something pleasant to him that he really wanted to receive it and also to discuss all conditions of such agreement in advance. It is very important that parents surely kept this promise, but did not carp at any trifle at the last minute and did not cancel the decision. Otherwise at the child any motivation to study can be gone.

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