How to entertain the child of 7 months

How to entertain the child of 7 months

By 7 months of life the child becomes very inquisitive, everything is interesting to him, but at the same time he cannot long concentrate on anything attention, and mom needs to show all the imagination to find to the kid interesting classes

In the course of the game the child of 7 months has not just a good time, he learns the world around and learns to operate the body. The task of parents is to interest the child in such occupation which as much as possible would contribute to its development, and such actually there is a lot of classes.

Drawing by finger-type paints

Among games about one year the drawing by finger-type paints holds a specific place as contributes to the development of fine motor skills, creative thinking, memory. It is the best of all to buy the special paints intended for children about one year. No hazardous substances which could cause poisoning at hit in a mouth are their part. Being engaged in drawing with the child of 7 months, it is important to organize a workplace correctly. It is the most convenient to be engaged on a floor or at the table for feeding. If you are afraid that the child will soil everything, it is possible to conduct the first lessons directly in the bathroom.

Molding from the test

Development about one year surely has to include classes a molding as they contribute to the development of fine motor skills that, in turn, contributes to earlier speech development. Plasticine in 7 months is not suitable for children because of the hardness, and dough very soft and plastic. Dough can be made independently of flour and water, and it is possible to buy special dough for a molding in shop. For a start simply it will be interesting to child to break off plastic weight on pieces, these pieces can be pasted in a special album, to fill with them the drawn jar or a box. Show to the kid as it is possible to roll sausage, help it to repeat after you. The main thing – you watch that the kid did not gorge on the test and did not thrust it into a nose or an ear.

Game "Sorter"

"Sorter" is a toy with openings of different forms and molds which are applied to them. These toys intend for children of a year, but by means of mom the child in 7 months can play with her too. Call each figure and report to the child. The sorter can be bought in children's shop or to make independently of make-shifts. For the seven-months kid it is quite enough to take an iron jar from under dry dairy mix and to do in a cover a hole with a diameter slightly more than diameter of lids from baby puree. The child will be able to put lids in bank, they fall inside with a loud sound which will amuse the baby.

Collecting of a pyramid

In 7 months of the child it is possible to acquaint with a good old toy – a pyramid. On sale habitual pyramids meet rings, and pyramid glasses and also other original interpretations of this remarkable developing toy as all.


Special books for babies – too great entertainment. Kids with great pleasure consider bright and interesting pictures. It is better to acquire books with convex images, inserts from fabric and other materials, it contributes to the development of tactile feelings of the child. You should not give usual paper books, seven-months kids tear them in no time.

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