How to feed the newborn child

How to feed the newborn child

Insistent councils of pediatricians consign to the past to feed the child strictly on hours. Doctors recognized wisdom of rural grandmothers and recommend the free schedule of feeding depending on requirements of the kid. It concerns those children whose mothers have enough breast milk. When feeding by dairy mixes it is desirable to accustom the child to the mode that there were no problems with digestion.


1. In the first month of life of the baby it is necessary to feed him as often as he will ask. Let it occur each hour, but as soon as the kid zachmokat sponges in search of food, he has to receive the desirable at once. You should not bring the child to shout. If he cries for other reason, it is necessary to calm at first, and then to start feeding. Otherwise, having swallowed air, the kid srygnt all food or will suffer from gripes.

2. Food for the baby has huge value. It is possible to tell that it is his only joy. If the vital inquiries of the kid are satisfied according to the first requirement, he quickly will understand that the world around quite comfortable and friendly. Constantly feeling that mom and food always is near, the child will become is quieter. Intervals between meals will gradually increase, and it will be possible to develop a suitable diet smoothly.

3. Process of feeding has to be pleasant not only to the child, but also mom. It is very important point, some kind of sacrament. It is necessary to remove far away all negative emotions because the newborn very sensitively catches the slightest nuances in mood of mummy. It is at first better to feed the kid lying. When mom gets stronger after the delivery, it will be possible to nestle in a chair, to enclose a pillow under a back, and under legs to put a stool or a small bench.

4. Before feeding it is necessary to wash up hands diligently. Then it is necessary to decant a small amount of milk and to wash them a nipple for protection of the kid against excess microbes and bacteria. You watch that the child took a nipple together with an areola. It will help to exclude swallowing air.

5. If mom feels pain, or the kid loudly smacks the lips and clicks a uvula, so the child incorrectly took a nipple. It is necessary to pull out accurately a breast from a mouth and to repeat attempt. During feeding only sounds of swallowing and the satisfied puffing have to be heard. Time for saturation at each child the. Some suck actively, and some children lazy and do it slowly.

6. After feeding it is necessary to take some time of the kid in vertical position. It is necessary to give it the chance to srygnut air. After that to put it in a bed, but it is obligatory on a flank. Under a back it is possible to enclose the curtailed diaper. Perhaps, the kid srygnt a little food. Situation on one side will not allow it to choke. When feeding from a small bottle – action similar. It is only necessary to carry out the instruction for mix preparation, to adjust the size of an opening of a pacifier and not to offer the remained mix for the second time.

7. The correct feeding will provide good health to the kid, mom and a quiet situation in family.

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