How to give vitamin E to children

How to give vitamin E to children

Vitamin E protects an organism from influence of external toxins, for example, from cigarette smoke and also from damage of cages in the course of internal exchange processes. By estimates of scientists, standard daily rate of vitamin for children - from 5 to 10 mg depending on age.

It is required to you

  • - peanut, olive, corn, sunflower oil;
  • - liver;
  • - germinated seeds of wheat;
  • - nuts.


1. Enrich the child's diet with the products rich with vitamin E. Remember that this substance is very sensitive to heat treatment, oxygen and light. When cooking and frying products and also at storage in the room temperature and processing the cold loses about 50-55% of vitamin E.

2. Add on a tablespoon of germinated seeds of wheat on 200-300 grams of ready semolina, oat, buckwheat cereal. Such additive will enrich porridge with vitamin E and will make it more tasty. Put chipped, dried, but not fried nuts in porridges, yogurts, stuffings and sweet sauces to pancakes and fritters.

3. You can offer the child by a breakfast fresh bilberry. However in it not really there is a lot of vitamin E, only 1.5 milligrams on half-cups of berries.

4. Add peanut butter to pancakes, toasts and cookies. About 1 milligram of vitamin E contains in one tablespoon of peanut butter. It is better to prepare it independently, so you will are sure of quality.

5. Fill vegetable salads with soy, corn or sunflower oil, vegetable oils are rich with vitamin E.

6. Steam a piece of a salmon or a beef liver, as a garnish slightly boiled spinach or steam broccolis perfectly will approach. All these products are rich with vitamin E. Do not subject vegetables to thermal treatment long time, there are enough on average 5-8 minutes.

7. Try to include steamed bran in the child's diet. Consider that they have specific taste which is pleasant not to all.

8. Consult with the doctor before giving to the child the synthesized vitamin E, for example, in tablets. The exact need of a children's organism for this vitamin is not defined. It can be different depending on quantity and quality of animal and vegetable fats which are used by the child and also from amount of ascorbic acid, medicines of iron, folic acid.

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