How to teach team ""Foo"

How to teach team ""Foo"

In education of any dog the huge value has to be given to the forbidding teams. By tradition in our country as forbidding the Foo team is used. The dog has to be acquainted with this team at puppyish age. The more accurately the forbidding complex of a basic course of training which includes the Foo team will be fulfilled, the education and training of a dog will be easier to take place further.

It is required to you

  • - delicacy;
  • - food pieces (irritant);
  • - the twisted newspaper;
  • - lead.


1. On reaching your puppy of age of 4 months begin its training of the Foo team. It is necessary to acquaint with this team of a puppy in house conditions, but it is necessary to set the learned behavior as houses, and on walks.

2. Reserve delicacy in advance for a puppy that it was possible to provide a positive reinforcement of action of a dog necessary to you in time. As delicacy tasty pieces of food of the small size in order to avoid a fast nayedaniye of a puppy have to be used by delicacy.

3. Put a piece of meat or a favourite toy before a nose of a puppy and by a strict voice give the Foo command. Do not allow a dog to take food or a subject. For this purpose in attempt to grab forbidden by a mouth again strictly say "Foo" and easily knock on a muzzle of a dog the curtailed newspaper.

4. Do not beat a dog at all with a hand but only something in a hand. It is necessary to count slap force, proceeding from breed and dimensions of a dog. To a puppy of a chihuahua will be also just strict voice with team enough, and for "bear cub" alaby it is necessary to invest in addition strong twisted newspaper.

5. As soon as the puppy stops trying to take a desirable subject or food, actively praise him and give a delicacy piece for encouragement. Repeat this procedure of training 3-4 times a day.

6. At the same time on street walks attentively you watch a puppy. In its attempt to take in a mouth something from the earth, strictly give the Foo command and make short, but notable breakthrough of a lead. Certainly, before full study by a puppy of team his walking has to happen only on a lead.

7. For one walk do not give more than 2-3 forbidding commands, otherwise the dog will cease to perceive them. Intervals between teams have to be about 10-20 minutes, depending on resistance to stress of a puppy. At absence in the territory of walking of irritants for a dog imperceptibly throw pieces of food (irritant) during training on the earth before a dog.

8. Do not allow failure of the formed skill when the dog, despite the given command, after all does the forbidden action. Control a dog a lead. At implementation of the command by her immediately positively support it with delicacy. It is important that between the executed command and a reinforcement of a dog there did not pass more than 3-4 seconds.

9. The Foo team is considered learned if from its first giving your dog immediately stops undesirable action. Maintain the studied skill, regularly giving a dog the Foo command in various situations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team