Pregnancy planning: how to conceive the healthy child

Pregnancy planning: how to conceive the healthy child

Health of mother and father directly affects health and quality of life of their future son or daughter. It is difficult to overestimate a role of planning of pregnancy in this plan. Each woman has to know how to conceive the healthy child and as much as possible to reduce any risks for him.

Refuse contraceptionThe first that needs to be made, it to refuse any methods of contraception except barrier. It is desirable to do it not later than 3 months before the planned conception. It is necessary for restoration of a monthly cycle of the woman and normalization of its hormonal background.

Shape upFuture mom needs to be in good physical shape to take out the child. Someone needs to lose weight, and to someone – to recover. It is necessary for prevention of diseases of a metabolism. Corpulent women often suffer from a hypertension, and on late terms from gestoses that can affect a condition of the child extremely negatively. Too thin women cannot simply become pregnant as the exhausted organism just will not allow to take out the child that in itself is a stress for a female body. Also surely make tests on an infection.

Reconsider habits and foodIt is necessary to refuse smoking and consumption of alcohol not only to future mom, but also the father. It is necessary to reduce also consumption of coffee. Accept vitamin and mineral complexes on couple. The woman in addition the same 3 months prior to conception should accept folic acid.

Be adjusted on a positive

The love for future kid, light spirit will help to overcome difficulties through which there passes most of women in 9 months. If you cannot wait to understand whether there came conception, then pay attention to the first signs of pregnancy.

How to learn that she is pregnantOften symptoms of pregnancy are similar to manifestations of some diseases. For the 6th day after conception some women have a morbidity in breasts, their small increase. Appearance of pains in the bottom of a stomach after sexual intercourse is possible that it is connected with introduction of the impregnated ovum in uterus walls. Change of flavoring feelings, discomfort in a stomach in the mornings within several days can be also connected with the occurred pregnancy. Precisely it will be possible to define pregnancy only by the test or delivery of the analysis on the maintenance of a horionichesky gonadotrophin in blood.

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