How to knit a children's cap

How to knit a children's cap

It is a pleasure to knit for small children. Caps, jackets, panties and other knitted things which you will make with own hands will not only warm your kid, but also "to transfer" your power that too is important for the child.

It is required to you

  • - yarn
  • - needles or hook


1. Choosing model of future product, it is necessary to estimate the opportunities adequately. It is recommended to needlewomen beginners to choose simpler model, having examined designation of reductions. A cap it is possible to knit needles or a hook. At possession some of the listed tools, it is better to use the skills.

2. The volume of the children's head of mom is usually known, but children quicklyof grow therefore it is worth measuring it by centimeter. At discrepancy with the figures specified in the instruction, the scheme will need to be finished under the necessary sizes.

3. Because at small children the thermal control is badly adjusted, caps knit usually from natural cotton or woolen strings of one or several flowers. Thickness of needles or a hook, so-called No., select according to yarn thickness.

4. It is rather easy to knit a children's cap on already chosen scheme. Usually when using a hook a headdress begin to knit from the basis. In the beginning do an air loop from which provyazyvat columns without nakid, is farther according to the instruction and the size of the children's head on a spiral knit a product, adding a loop. Having come to head volume size, further it is necessary to knit without addition of loops, the necessary height of a cap will not be connected yet.

5. Needles it is simpler to execute a cap. In the beginning construct a pattern. As a template it is possible to use the old cap of the corresponding size cut on seams. Being guided on a pattern, knit preparation. Then sew it seams outside.

6. A ready cap tie with contrast threads, decorate with decorative elements, knit or sew ties. Before use it is better to wash a cap with use of children's detergents.

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