How to note the first year of birth

How to note the first year of birth

The first birthday of the child is a joyful and cheerful family holiday. The high spirits of all invited guests, the immediate family and, of course, the birthday boy will depend on his correct organization.


1. The loving parents have to place priorities: for whom it is planned to celebrate a birthday — for the kid or the family. For the first year of life the huge way is passed: from the birth moment to the first steps. It is necessary to remember that for a grandiose celebration the hero of the anniversary is still very small, you should not do a holiday too noisy and long.

2. Organize everything so that since the morning the child woke up in the atmosphere of love and joy. Decorate the children's room with multi-colored spheres and ribbons, tags and garlands, present it right after awakening a smile and embraces.

3. Choose time, optimum convenient for the kid, when guests come: grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles. It is the best of all to make it after a daytime sleep of the child. Well well rested kid will joyfully welcome together with you guests, to accept gifts, to pose before a photo and movie camera. But do not tighten all action more than 2-3 hours.

4. Collect pleasant trifles for memory: the first curl of the child, prints of a leg and the handle on paper made by means of paint, plasticine or special clay, the first baby's undershirt or a hat, pictures of ultrasonography and a label of maternity hospital.

5. Make a panel of monthly photos of the child in which his achievements and progress for the first year of life are imprinted: when he for the first time began to hold a head, to sit, turn over, laugh, to clap, go.

6. As invitations for guests for a holiday it is possible to prepare cards where the hero of the occasion will leave the signature by means of gouache paints and palms.

7. Allow the child to participate in preparation for a celebration, let he with your help will choose to himself a dress. But do not forget that in birthday cake it will surely start handles and will be soiled from legs to the head. Make a holiday table for children of familiar products: juice, milk, cookies, bananas, apples and, of course, cake.

8. That the kid did not overtire, from time to time go with him to the nursery, give him the chance to have a rest and communicate a little to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team