How to organize rest of children

How to organize rest of children

To organize rest of children – a task not from simple. But if to approach its decision creatively and taking into account various children's interests, then such rest can be remembered to children for a long time.


1. Organizing rest of children of preschool age, it is necessary to consider the fact that they need frequent change of types of activity. This observation is right as concerning their classes in child care educational institutions, and concerning the active and developing rest. As they say, the best holiday is a shift of a type of activity.

2. At the organization of rest of children of school age you can follow not too the rule of frequent change of types of activity or rest as school students in comparison with preschool children have higher physical and emotional endurance.

3. Choose a type of rest according to season, giving preference to rest in the open air. Go to ride together with children the sledge, ice-boats, skis, skates or a snowboard in the winter. It is very good to go hiking and combine in it fishing and gathering berries, swimming in the small river or the lake, a sit-round gathering at a fire and driving on the kayak in the summer. During a time of rainy off-season visit theaters, exhibitions, circus or planetarium with children.

4. Thinking over rest of children, remember various childish collective sports: sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey) and domestic (tag, a hide-and-seek, Cowboys and Indians, "the sea worries time!", "-hope-help out tea!", classics, elastics, traffic light, charades, forfeits and other).

5. Gathering for rest with children abroad, attentively study information concerning children's rest: what places should be visited to what age there are discounts for children's tickets, issue an insurance on the child, do not forget to take drugs which can be necessary.

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