How to sew clothes to Bratz dolls

How to sew clothes to Bratz dolls

Bratz dolls – fashionistas therefore also the clothes for them have to be fashionable, and dresses has to be various much. The clothes for these dolls in shop cost quite much, sewing will help to get out of the situation to you. Try to sew things the hands, for certain you will have many small rags.


1. Before you start sewing, construct a pattern basis. For this purpose use a foil. Take a small piece and very accurately wind a doll trunk, put folds where it is necessary, superfluous cut off an edge for shaving or a knife for paper. Straighten a design, cut off on humeral and to sidelines, cut out tucks. Transfer, the turned-out template on paper. Make a basis for a bodice, skirt and trousers. Using methods of modeling for the real clothes, change a pattern basis.

2. After you constructed a pattern, spread out details on inner side of fabric and circle with a pencil or a tailor's piece of chalk. Cut out details, having left allowances for seams of 0.5 cm. Stitch together humeral and side seams. Process cuts a zigzag line or manually a loopy seam, then the product will not collapse after the first game. Sew sleeves. As a fastener use a velcro velcro. Cut off a small piece and sew it on a back. Decorate a bodice with a tape, a satin ribbon, sequins, etc.

3. After cut out short skirt details, sew tucks. Then stitch side seams. Sew a velcro piece for a fastener and sew a belt. Double-check product length, an obrovnyayta a bottom and hem a hem. The semi-sun or the sun is very simple to sew a breed skirt. Measure a doll waist grasp. To find a skirt a semi-sun, divide it into three and draw a semi-circle with this radius. For a breed short skirt the sun (it will turn out more magnificent), divide a waist grasp into six and draw a circle. Hem a bottom and sew a corbel. The short skirt is ready.

4. Add dresses with headdresses and jewelry. Sew caps, berets, kerchiefs, scarfs. Make a beads and bracelets of beads. Will put on them more simply a doll if instead of a thread or a fishing line you use a rubber vein.

5. Using a pattern basis, you will be able to sew any dress to your doll of Bratz, since linen and finishing with a fur fur coat. Girls will be able to help you with creation of dresses for a doll fashionista, will learn to use a thread and a needle, will gain skills of needlework. Besides during the game, you will be able to cultivate taste to clothes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team