How to transport the newborn in the car

The modern person begins to travel from the very first days of the life. The newborn makes the first trip when he is carried from maternity hospital home. The task of adults is to ensure to the kid comfort and safety. For this purpose there are special holding devices. It is much more convenient to carry the small child in a cradle or a chair, than to hold its all the time on hands. Besides, use of the holding devices allows to protect the kid from severe injuries even in case of an emergency situation.

It is required to you

  • - automobile cradle;
  • - children's automobile chair.


1. Choose the holding device. The cradle most of all is suitable for absolutely small child. However, the kid pretty fast will grow up from it. Besides, the cradle is less strong, than takes a chair, and places in the car much more. But it has also the advantage. The kid in it lies, that is his body is in the provision, the most relevant to age features. The most important — to the child nothing prevents to breathe correctly. Such devices are sometimes applied to baby carriages.

2. Establish a cradle on back seat. It is perpendicular to the movement of the car. For fastening there are special belts, they allow to fix strongly holding device. Do not forget to fasten also the child the built-in belts.

3. The most widespread way of transportation of the baby — in an automobile chair. Put a chair so that the little traveler went a back forward. It is possible to fix the holding device by special brackets or usual belts which already are in the car. The kid in such device is in a semi-lying state, under the maximum corner in 45 °. Track that a tilt angle was not less than 30 °. In this case at the road accident the head of the child can sharply fall on a breast, and it will lead to violation of work of respiratory organs. In some modern models of cars the angle of installation of a children's chair is set by the producer.

4. The children's chair has special built-in belts which and it is necessary to record the baby. Do not worry that the kid settles down reclining. It is not contraindicated to the healthy child. But the chair very well holds a head, and even in case of head-on collision. It is very important for the baby whose cervical muscles are still extremely weak.

5. It is possible to record in addition the newborn special rollers from fabric. Them lay over the kid on each side. These rollers are applied to a chair. It is not recommended to use self-made devices like pillows or towels curtailed into a tube.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team